Vivian's POV

There was frost covering everywhere and the sound of giggling . Then there was a roar and a blaze of 火災, 火 and the sun was shown to my face . The sun started to 表示する rings in it then an ARROW/アロー pierced it's center .
Then suddenly a bright light woke me up .
I sat up in my ベッド " Weird ... " That was the same dream I had since the start of this 年 ... probably nothin'. I ran down stairs quickly " Where are あなた going, " my mother called from the kitchen, " I have practice for the play remember ?" She giggled " oh yah ! Oh hon ! Don't forget to say the family モットー before ya leave ! "
" Ugh ! Do I have to ? "
" Hon don't be negative "
" Ok, fine ! Here we go again ...
Like a true Nature's child, we were born, born to be wild.
Whenever あなた find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect.
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, Live the life you've always imagined.
It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves.
Your mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work unless it's open.
Always trust those searching for The Truth, never those who have found it.
To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else
A right is not what someone gives you; it's what no one can take away from あなた
愛 takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.
If the truth can be told so as to be understood, it will be believed.
Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.
Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don't give up the fight.
Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.
Yesterday's just a memory, tomorrow is never what it's supposed to be.
Power to the People. "

I forgot to mention my parents are what other people call 'Hippies' .

I ran out the door with my bag full of what I needed today. Luckily I grabbed my bike and was サイクリング faster than my dog runs after the mail man . I arrived in 30 秒 (mostly because the school I go to is like a 分 away from my house . "5 分 early ... I wonder if anyone else is around ?" Silently I walked into the drama room and stared as someone was sitting on the stage 読書 something . " Hello ?" The person looked up in a fright ... it was Ricky ... ugh . Ricky is one of the most annoying people あなた could ever meet ! He calls me up all the time and says " Just wanted to let あなた know that I'm better than あなた ! " UGH ! He has blonde hair, grey eyes and the most annoying smile EVER ! All the girls usually crowd around him and go " Ricky, are あなた dating anyone ? Ricky lets sit together ! Ricky キッス me ! " BLAH ! The worst part was that ALL the girls like him except me and that's why he bugs me all the time ! He stared at me and walked over with that horrible smirk " Hello ... " he picked up one of my ponytails "... Vivie ! " I punched him in the stomach " let go of me あなた idiot ! " he fell backwards overly dramatically onto a chair (even though the tears he was producing were real) "oh Vivie ! Why do あなた torment me like this ? "
" Shut up . "
" Eh- Feisty ... "
I walked past him and he squeaked a bit " Sorry, didn't see that あなた put your foot there " (obvious lie) I kept walking and went backstage to find my costume so I could finish fixing it a bit . I was playing the main character; Snow White ... ugh and Ricky was the prince . Good news: If someone could be もっと見る convincing of a prince than Ricky then they will be the prince . Bad news: No one is better than Ricky .

~5 分 LATER~

All the actors had arrived and gotten ready . " こんにちは VIVIAN ! " I looked over my shoulder as my best friend, Lali ran over to me . She was playing the Narrator . She has Black hair, black eyes and brown skin (she says its from a sun-burn but she was born that colour) She has been my best friend for a long time . " Wanna go through the script really quick ? " I nodded and got out my script (even though I knew it off によって heart)


Narrator: Lali

Snow White: Vivian

Queen: Ally

Mirror: Drake

Huntsman: Liam

Dwarf 1: Amy

Dwarf 2: Nico

Dwarf 3: Dallas

Dwarf 4: Clay

Dwarf 5: Marie

Dwarf 6: Jack

Dwarf 7: Austin

Prince: Ricky


Narrator: Once upon a time there was a king who had a daughter with very black hair. She was sweet and pretty, and everybody loved her. She was called Snow White. The mother of the sweet little princess died and her father got married again. The new クイーン was very beautiful but proud. In her room she had a magic mirror that could speak, and every 日 she would ask:

Queen: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in this kingdom is the most beautiful?

Mirror: あなた my queen, are the most beautiful in the country. Not.

Narrator: Meanwhile Snow White kept growing up and becoming もっと見る beautiful. One 日 the クイーン asked her magic mirror.

Queen: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in this kingdom is the most beautiful?

Mirror: あなた my クイーン are very beautiful, not. Princess Snow White is a thousand times もっと見る beautiful than you.

Narrator: Then the クイーン who was proud and cruel, felt jealous of Snow White, and one 日 he called a huntsman and told him.

Queen: Take Snow White to the forest, and kill her! And as a proof, bring me her heart!

Huntsman: I will do as あなた say, my queen.

Narrator: The huntsman took the poor girl to the forest. And when they were in the deep woods the huntsman took out his sword.

Snow White: Oh, no! Please Sir, I haven`t done anything wrong.

Narrator: The huntsman felt sorry for Snow White,and decided to disobey his orders.

Huntsman: I'm sorry dear child. The クイーン told me to do so. Quickly run away before she finds out I did not kill あなた and tries to murder あなた again!

Narrator: Then he killed a wild deer, took out his heart, and took it to the evil queen. Meanwhile, Snow White ran scared through the forest.

SnowWhite: Oh, I see a light over there… it must be a little house.

Narrator: She arrived to an old little house that was in the middle of the woods. She opened the door, and went inside.

Snow White: Oh, what a beautiful house.

Narrator: It was the house of the seven dwarves, who during the 日 worked in a mine in the mountains. The small 表, テーブル was set with seven little plates, seven little cups, seven little spoons,and seven little chairs.

Snow White: Everything is so beautiful! Oh, and there are also seven little beds.

Narrator: Snow White ate a little from each little plate, and drank a little from each little cup, then she went to sleep in one of the little beds. The seven dwarves came back from the mountains, and when they entered the house, they said.

Dwarf 1: Oh, who has been sitting in my chair?

Dwarf 2: Who has been eating from my plate?

Dwarf 3: Who has been eating my bread?

Dwarf 4: Who has been eating my soup?

Dwarf 5: Who has been drinking from my cup?

Dwarf 6: Oh look over there… in my little bed.

Dwarf 7: Oh, a little girl!

Dwarf 1: She`s so beautiful.

Dwarf 2: She has a sweet smile

Dwarf 3: How pretty she is!

Dwarf 4: How did she get in here?

Dwarf 5: Sssh don`t wake her up.

Dwarf 6: She will tell us tomorrow.

Dwarf 7: Be quiet… don`t be noisy.

Narrator: Then in silence they had ディナー and went to bed. But one of them had to spend the night with one of his brothers because Snow White was in his bed. 次 日 they said.

Dwarf 1: We are the seven dwarves from the forest, beautiful girl.

Dwarf 2: あなた are in our little house.

Dwarf 3: And we are happy to have あなた here with us.

Dwarf 4: What is your name?

Snow White: I am Snow White… and I..

Dwarf 5: Welcome to our little house, Snow White.

Snow White: But, good dwarves, my stepmother…

Dwarf 6: Don`t tell us anything.

Dwarf 7: Snow White

Dwarf 1: Do あなた

Dwarf 2: want to stay

Dwarf 3: To live

Dwarf 4: With us

Snow White: Oh Yes!

Dwarf 5: あなた will cook for us. あなた will make the beds, and あなた will take care of our little house.

Dwarf 6: Would

Dwarf 7: あなた

Dwarf 1: Do it

Dwarf 2: Snow White?

Snow White: Oh, yes!

Narrator: And that is how princess Snow White stayed in the little house of the forest. Meanwhile at the palace, the クイーン asked his magic mirror.

Queen: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in this kingdom is the most beautiful?

Mirror: あなた are very beautiful, my queen, not. Snow White with the little dwarves of the forest, is a thousand times もっと見る beautiful than あなた Miss Ugly.

Queen: Isn`t she dead?… Oh, the huntsman deceived me! But now Snow White will die, and I will be the most beautiful in the kingdom!

Mirror: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Yeah right !

Queen: Now あなた will learn not to laugh at me!

Mirror: Oh no ...

Narrator: And the クイーン as furious as she was, she broke the magic mirror. Since she was a witch, she made a poison apple. She disguised herself as an old lady and went straight to the house of the little dwarves.

Queen: I am selling apples…

Snow White: Excuse me?

Queen: Oh, who`s there in the little house?

Snow White: I`m here によって the window, old lady.

Queen: Oh, you`re over there. Come down, and あなた will see what I have in my basket.

Snow White: I can`t, good old lady. The little dwarves don`t let me open the door to anybody.

Queen: Come down. They will not know… besides I will give あなた an apple.

Snow White: I can`t.

Queen: Come on, little girl, あなた don`t trust an old lady?

Snow White: I´ll go down right away.

Narrator: When Snow White was with the old lady, she said.

Queen: Look at this beautiful apple, little girl. Wouldn`t あなた like to taste it?

Snow White: Yes, old lady… but.

Queen: Come on, take it. I give it to you. Look how nice it is.

Snow White: Thank you, old lady.

Narrator: Snow White didn`t recognized that the old lady was in fact her step-mother, and she bit the apple. Suddenly she fell to the floor dead.

Queen: Ha, ha, ha, ha … at last! At last Snow White is dead, and I am the most beautiful in the kingdom! Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Narrator: That afternoon when the seven dwarves came ホーム from work, they found Snow White lying on the floor.

Dwarf 1: Snow White!

Dwarf 2: She`s not beathing!

Dwarf 3: She`s dead!

Dwarf 4: Oh, the little princess!

Dwarf 5: Poor

Dwarf 6: Little

Dwarf 7: Girl

Narrator: The seven dwarves were very sad. They tried different thing to bring her to life, but nothing worked. Then crying, they put her carefully inside a transparent coffin, and took her to the 上, ページのトップへ of the mountain. And all the 動物 of the forest knew that the little princess was dead. Then someone came.

Prince: Dear dwarves, what is happening here? Why are あなた so sad?

Dwarf 1: Oh, prince!

Dwarf 2: This sweet girl died in our house.

Dwarf 3: We loved her very much.

Dwarf 4: Oh, the little princess, Snow White!

Prince: Oh, she is so beautiful. She seems like she`s having a sweet dream. Can I take her with me? She will be in my palace, and will mourn her forever.

Dwarf 5: Oh prince!

Dwarf 6: We also want to mourn her forever.

Prince: あなた can all come with me. We will always be によって her side.

Narrator: But when they were traveling, one of the guards that was carrying the transparent coffin, stumbled and she threw out the piece of 林檎, アップル that was stuck to her throat.

Snow White: Oh, was has happened?

Prince: Nothing, sweet little princess Snow White. あなた were having a bad dream. Now tell me… do あなた want to come to my palace and marry me?

Narrator: Then the seven dwarves started 歌う and dancing around the young couple. The wedding celebration was marvelous, and the step-mother who was invited to church, as soon as she recognized Snow White, she escaped running to the forest where she died, forgotten によって everybody. Meanwhile at the wedding.

Dwarf 1: Look

Dwarf 2: Princess

Dwarf 3: Snow White

Dwarf 4: Is here

Dwarf 4: With her

Dwarf 5: Wedding ガウン

Dwarf 6: She looks so

Dwarf 7: Happy!

Narrator: And after they finished saying their vows they kissed and they lived happily forever.


" Ok, so everything seems good ! Except that I have to ugh ! Ya know . " I looked at her and as usual she was looking at Ricky " I can't see why あなた don't like him ... "
" Because he's a twit ! "
" He looks like an エンジェル ! "
And once again another follower is annoying me .

After practice I had to go to the science room to help my フレンズ Izzy and Richard . They're ... going steady (they don't notice) but I've known Richard longer than anyone else . Izzy has hazel hair but it shines ゴールド . She has hazel eyes and is also small like Richard . Richard has hazel eyes also but has brown hair . "S'up guys ? " I called as I entered .
( This is gonna be confusing so ...
(';') =Richard
(._.)=Vivian m-kay ? )

(^-^) "Hey Viv ! What's "
(';') "Up ? "
(._.)"Once again あなた two are in sync ! "
(';') "Well we are"
(^-^)"Together after all !"
(._.)"Please stop that."
(^-^) / (';') "Well anyways lets 表示する あなた the machine !"

They walked me over toward the machine
"So what does it do ?" Izzy giggled "It's a machine that can do things involving special peo-"
"It's to use on me isn't it ?" I looked down at the ground . Ever since I was little I could see things other people couldn't . My parents thought nothing of it though...and that was the problem . Some of the kids used to bully me because of that .

(._.)"So what do I do ?"
(^-^)"Jut sit down and relax ..."
(._.)"Whenever Rich says that it's a good thing ... whenever あなた say that it's a bad thing ."
(';')"Don't worry ! Just think about 子犬 ! "
(._.)"Seriously ? Ok, just don't make any remarks like 'Crud!" M-kay ?"

The pair nodded and went to work . "You know あなた could've asked Joey to help あなた !"
"We know ."
"Ugh ... "
If you're wondering who Joey is he's my 10 年 old brother who has brown and black hair and yellow eyes (almost like my ゴールド ones) . He is very smart (even smarter than me) and is good at cooking (but I'm better) . At least I can trust him with my life in science !

"Systems are ready Rich !"
"Ok Iz ! Viv, put the ヘルメット 次 to あなた on !"
I fumbled 次 to me and grabbed the ヘルメット and put it on . "Ready..." my head started feeling fuzzy "Set ... " it hurt " GO !" At the crank of a lever my head was spinning and I was screaming in the 次 秒 . Everyone around me was laughing at me and pushing me around, it as just like before . I started crying and thinking " why was I ever created ? " That was when I heard a voice " Vivian ... あなた were made for this moment that will be happening right now ... You've been having dreams about four people hmm ? Well those four people will need your help after this . Especially that person you've been ignoring ... "

Normal POV

Izzy and Richard stared at Vivian "Rich ... what did we do ?" She didn't know what to do while Rich started trying to calm Vivian down "IZ CHECK THE SYSTEMS !" Izzy ran to the machine and the laptop and started typing in things until the screaming stopped . Richard patted Vivian's head "Iz ... why did she stop screaming ?" the girl shrugged . The two didn't notice that there was smoke coming from the machine until Vivian woke up and threw the ヘルメット off " RUN ! " she grabbed the two and ran with them out of the room and slammed the door shut before the machine exploded . " Are あなた two ok ?!" she looked at them worriedly "Us ?! What about あなた ?! "
" I-"
A light was shining from the room so they opened the door to see that the roof had a giant hole in it and that a ball of light exploded in the air
"That can't be good ..."
"You should've let Rich say 'Just sit down and relax' ugh ..."
"Guys ! あなた should really see this ! "
Izzy and Vivian ran towards Rich who had been typing on his laptop "The explosion has caused a rip in time ! This means that anyone who might stumble upon something like this will bring anyone they know with them !"
"Just like my dream 発言しました ..."
"What dream ?"
"I'll tell あなた later but right now we need to go to the forest !" Vivian, Izzy and Richard (with his laptop) ran outside past Lali and Ricky "What are they doing ?" Ricky rubbed his chin "Lets go see shall we ?" he grabbed Lali's hand (who was blushing) and started following at a 安全, 安全です distance .

Jack's POV

I was sitting on a 木, ツリー branch looking at Jamie as he waved at me from a distance until he disappeared from sight "Jamie's gotten better at throwing a ... snow ... ball ... " I stared at the sky as a ball of light exploded in front of me "ARGH !!!" The light stung my eyes . I fell from my 木, ツリー branch and onto the ground "Ouch ... " Rubbing my eyes and my face I got up and sat back on the branch "What was that ?! It wasn't too far away so ... " Just then I heard footsteps coming towards me "Who's that ?!" A boy in a lab コート exclaimed " Y-you can see me ?! Wow I guess it's going around with teenagers now ! "
"No it isn't frostbite ." I looked at a girl who came from behind a 木, ツリー "Vivian ?! あなた can still see me ?! But every time I try to get your attention あなた never notice me !" The Vivian glared at me "You know exactly why I ignored あなた Jack ! " I looked down at my hoodie and floated down "yeah ... I-"
"WOAH !"
"ON IT!"
The two teens in labcoats lifted my arms up and started feeling me "W-wh-what are they doing ?!" Vivian pulled her hat down ">sigh< These are my フレンズ Richard and Izzy . They're フレンズ ... kinda and are both total brainiacs ."
"Take off his hoodie ! Maybe he has jet packs underneath !"
"Yeah !"
"WHAT ?! NO ! I DON'T !" I looked at Vivian for help and she was blushing "Ok ..." She took a branch from the ground and snapped it "EEK !" the two stopped and stared at Vivian "You two better knock it off otherwise ..." she put the two parts of the branches together and snapped them (while smiling which made it really creepy)
"YES MA'AM !" they ran at least two meters from me . "Thanks ... when did あなた become so agro ?! I thought your parents were hippies ?! によって the way why can they see me ?! How come they were touching me ?! Why did the boy say to take my hoodie off ?! Are these the only フレンズ あなた have ?! And what was that ball of light ?! Is that why あなた are covered in ash and all tha-"
"After I met a boy named Ricky. They are hippies. A machine they made . They are scientists kind of. He's the king of weird. No they're not and it's because of the machine exploding ... anymore 質問 frostbite ?"
" Uhh ... who's R-"
"A really annoying jerk and please never say his name again ."

I stared at her and nodded then looked at the two "Hello my name is Jack Frost nice to meet あなた two によって the way !"


This is Vivian