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Guide by BlondLionEzel posted 1年以上前
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Soldier Class ($10)

Wave 1:

Hiccup and Streamline (Pterodactyl)
Merida and Wideguard (Triceratops)

Wave 2:

Jack Frost and Quickfoot (Velociraptor)
Rapunzel and Sunglide (Stegosaurus)

Wave 3:

Astrid and Sailback (Dimetrodon)
Flynn and Tailhammer (Ankylosaurus)

Wave 4:

Kristoff and Skullbash (Pachycephalosaurus)
Tooth and Snowfeather (Parasaurolophus)

Warrior Class

Wave 1:

Nick Wolfe and Blazefang (Tyrannosaurs)
Anna and Bluewave (Plesiosaurus)

Wave 2:

Elsa and Freezerburn (Tupandactylus)
Leone バン Ivan (Spinosaurus)
Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted 1年以上前
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Chapter 1


Hiccup: *Riding on Toothless*

*Suddenly, many small bug-like organisms dart past Hiccup and Toothless*

Toothless: *Stops*

Hiccup: Woah! What the heck were those things?

Toothless: *Shrugs*

Hiccup: *Pulls out a WolfMobile* I should call the others.

*The Berk Great Hall*

Merida: *Looking around* I wonder what Hiccup called us here for?

Nick Wolfe: *Tail wags* I hope we can get some action!

Rapunzel: Hmm...I hope that it's not too violent.

Nick Wolfe: Speaking of which...where is Jack?

Jack Frost: *Runs in, bruised and injured* Guys...something big is going down! *Becomes unconscious*

All: Jack!

*Suddenly, powerful blasts are heard outside*

Nick Wolfe: *Ears perk up* What was that?!!


Kamen Rider Gaim (Lemon Jinba Arms): *Fires at buildings* In the name of Yggdrasil, I order this world to surrender!
Article by totolove posted 1年以上前
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I found this クイズ and thought it would be fun ! I really hope u like and try it out ! Please put your 回答 in the コメント ! It will be fun to have a look at the results (nd its also to check if あなた lyin !)

1. If あなた could have any pet in the world, it would be...
[ ] A. dog
[ ] B. parrot
[ ] C. chameleon
[ ] D. pets aren't really my thing/other
[ ] E. horse
[ ] F. lizard
[ ] G. cat

2. Your ideal career is...
[ ] A. Other
[ ] B. Guidance Counselor
[ ] C. Artist
[ ] D. Criminal
[ ] E. Athlete
[ ] F. Teacher
[ ] G. Waitress

3. Out of all your friends, あなた are...
[ ] A. the prankster
[ ] B. the mother
[ ] C. the artist
[ ] D. the self-centered one
[ ] E. the tomboy
[ ] F. the nerd
[ ] G. the bully

4. On a Saturday, あなた can most likely be found...
[ ] A. making mischief with the kids in the town
Fan fiction by totolove posted 1年以上前
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Vivian's POV

There was frost covering everywhere and the sound of giggling . Then there was a roar and a blaze of 火災, 火 and the sun was shown to my face . The sun started to 表示する rings in it then an ARROW/アロー pierced it's center .
Then suddenly a bright light woke me up .
I sat up in my ベッド " Weird ... " That was the same dream I had since the start of this 年 ... probably nothin'. I ran down stairs quickly " Where are あなた going, " my mother called from the kitchen, " I have practice for the play remember ?" She giggled " oh yah ! Oh hon ! Don't forget to say the family モットー before ya leave ! "
" Ugh ! Do I have to ? "
" Hon don't be negative "
" Ok, fine ! Here we go again ...
Like a true Nature's child, we were born, born to be wild.
Whenever あなた find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect.
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, Live the life you've always imagined.
It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves.
Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted 1年以上前
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Episode 2

*ROTG World*

Jack Frost: *Looking around* I sense something...

Wolfe: *Walks to Jack Frost* I need あなた help.

Jack Frost: With?

Wolfe: *Explains the things about the Village and the bandit army*

Jack Frost: Hmmmm...

Hiccup: Jack, あなた remember me right?

Jack: Hiccup! How have あなた been?

Hiccup: Alright...please 登録する us in the fight.

Jack: *Whispers to Hiccup* But what if this guy is lying? He might lead us to a trap.

Hiccup: We can trust him.

Jack: *Sees Wolfe's Omnitrix* What is that thing? It looks like a strange watch.

Astrid: him Wolfe.

Wolfe: *Changes to Chromastone* How do I look?

Jack: can turn into aliens...nice!

Astrid: What is an alien?

Chromastone Wolfe: Well...

Hiccup: So will あなた 登録する us?

Jack: No...just kidding!
Opinion by totolove posted 1年以上前
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Professor Toothy: Tooth (WELL DUH !)
Watchers: Bunny, Eugene, Rapunzel, Astrid, Hiccup and Merida

(Starts in lounge room scene)
Jack: Ah man it's been a long 日 ! I think I'm just gonna curl up on the sofa, watch some Ned flicks and eat some Vanilla ファッジ アイスクリーム .
(Hi-pitched harp sound)
Tooth: Hey, I'm The Tooth Fairy !
Jack: Oh ma-
Tooth:Did あなた know that sugary foods are a leading cause of tooth decay ?
Jack: Yeah ...
Tooth: When あなた consume them the enamel that protects your teeth is exposed to harmful acids !
Jack: Where did あなた come from anyways ?
Tooth: Instead of that unhealthy Vanilla ファッジ アイスクリーム wouldn't あなた much rather have a delicious juicy lamb-chop ?
Jack: Uh, not really.
Tooth:Mmm, I bet あなた dying to take a big 'ol bite of this nice savory lamb-chop . Mmm-hmm ...
Jack: I'm not really in the mood for lamb-chops ...
Tooth: (puts lamb-chop in Jack's mouth) There ya go . Eat up that spicy lamb-chop !
Opinion by totolove posted 1年以上前
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オレンジ : Jack
林檎, アップル : ランダム Person with casts (RPWC)
梨 : Hiccup
Watchers : Rapunzel, Merida, Eugene, Toothless and Astrid

(Plays video)
Jack: こんにちは Dude! Dude! Hey, こんにちは Dude! Hey, Dude! こんにちは Dude! こんにちは Dude! Dude! Hey, Dude!
RPWC: What, what, what is it?
Jack: Aren't あなた glad I didnt say Dude again? Hahahahahaha!
RPWC: Yeah. That joke was funny the last 400 times あなた 発言しました it
Jack: こんにちは Dude!
RPWC: What?!
Jack: あなた look fruity! Hahahahaha!
RPWC: Pfff.. yeah~ that was hilarious.
Jack: Hey! こんにちは Dude!
Jack: Can あなた do 10 pushups in 10 seconds?
RPWC: What kind of 質問 is that? I have casts over my broken arms. How am i gonna do one pushup?
Jack: Hey!
RPWC: What?
Jack: こんにちは Dude?
RPWC: What?!?!
Jack: Can あなた do this? *makes blabbering noise with tongue*
Jack: *continues with noise* Try it!
RPWC: No! Stop it!
Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted 1年以上前
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Episode 1

*HTTYD Word*

Hiccup: *Riding Toothless*

Wolfe Jetray: *Appears, and flies 次 to them*

Hiccup: *Sees Wolfe Jetray* What kind of dragon is that?

Wolfe Jetray: I ain't no Dragon!

Toothless: *Looks confused at Hiccup*

Hiccup: Can あなた talk?

Wolfe Jetray: What's it look like?

Hiccup: Can we stop at the village?

Wolfe Jetray: There's a village here?

Hiccup: Yes there is.

Wolfe Jetray: Take me there!

Hiccup: *Flies on Toothless and lands with Wolfe Jetray*

*Later, Hiccups house*

Wolfe Jetray: *Changes to Wolfe*

Hiccup: How did あなた do that?

Wolfe: Well...*Shows Hiccup his Omnitrix*

Hiccup: What is that?

Wolfe: It's called an Omnitrix. It allows me to change into a lot of different aliens.

Hiccup: What's an alien?

Article by totolove posted 1年以上前
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Charlie: Hiccup
Blue Unicorn: Jack Frost (Well duh !)
Pink Unicorn: Punzie
Letters: Baby Tooth/ Elf/ Egg/ Pascal/ Wil 'O' Wisp
Watchers: Merida/ Toothless/ Eugene/ Astrid

{Jack presses play on video which on the screen is set in a meadow day as Hiccup lays down and rests}
Jack: Hey, Hiccup. Hey Hiccup . wake up.
Punzie: Yeah Hiccup. You silly sleepy-head, wake up.
Hiccup: Oh God you guys. This better be pretty freakin' important. Is the meadow on fire?
Jack: No Hiccup. We found a map, to Candy Mountain, Candy Mountain Hiccup.
Punzie: Yeah, Hiccup, we`re going to Candy Mountain. Come with us Hiccup.
Jack: Yeah Hiccup, it`ll be an adventure. We`re going on an adventure Hiccup.
Hiccup: Yeah, Candy Mountain, right. I`m just gonna, you know, go back to sleep now.
Jack: {Jumping onto Hiccup's back} Noooo, Hiccup. You have to come with us to Candy Mountain.
Punzie: Yeah, Hiccup, Candy Mountain. It's a land of sweets and joy...and joyness.