So here I am 書く a new 記事 this time as anything that i've 投稿されました previously has actually been too long to have been just a comment. But that's the way I am.

For those of あなた who recognise the significance of the タイトル I like あなた already.

For those who don't here's an explanation. This is how the First World war was referred to at the time. It was supposed to be the war to end all wars but earthlings didn't stop at that did they?
It is also an attempt to refer (jokingly) to the Leonard-Penny Sheldon 三角形 being played all over the net.

I do prefer Leonard Penny and have also 投稿されました my コメント on the matter which I shall do again soon in the for of a proper article. But this one is actually my attempt to maybe resolve the so called "War"

I believe that to the delght of Sheldon ファン (Not Shenny but just Sheldon), yours truly included, the solution has of course already been provided によって our beloved Sheldor the Conqueror ;)

I propose the following experiment while leaving open the suggestions for もっと見る rules/regulations

We choose two representatives one for each side. Lets call them Leonard and Sheldon. Just the two of them vying for the hand of クイーン Penelope. Both of them entering the Arena armed only with their wits and hands. No armour, no boots on a sand flooring. Sheldon sponsored によって the DC and Leonard によって Marvel. both of them approaching the centre of the grand stadium built especially for this occasion. On the signal from クイーン Penelope...dropping her handkerchief, both the warriors begin the whole stadium erupts with the accompanying chant....


:D :B :) :O

Just a thought guys. Tell me what あなた think.

I'll tell あなた what I think.

Both of them will come out with Spock and that's when クイーン Penelope decides that she does not need a man to help her feel worthwhile. She'll write a screenplay about this epiphany and get recognised as a girl on advertisements.

And that is exactly when I wake up to find that my TV's crashed and I won't be able to catch the 次 episode...booo..hoo..:(