from the first movie that i saw which was speed demon i 愛 it it made me laugh it made me upset a little from when the director called あなた a hairball and then after あなた 発言しました sorry my ハート, 心 melted i started talking to the computer screen i 発言しました aww michael its ok hun from the first time i saw your beautiful smile it made me melt i just 愛 your brown eyes i just smile when i look at them because they are soo cute i could not just not look into them from then on i started to watch もっと見る and もっと見る short films such as moonwalker and smooth criminal those two short films were awesome i could watch the both of them everyday that's how awesome they are michael everytime i see your smiling face it just blows me away all the time and everytime when i watch a video または an interview of あなた it just blows me away because your so sweet the people and あなた give them your honest oppinon on the 質問 that they give あなた i just 愛 the shyness that あなた have its soo cute how あなた hide your eyes behind your sunglasses and start to blush its soo cute when あなた do that