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posted by mynameisearl
 Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville Jaguars
Here is a reason why I like the NationalFootballLeague more.

Jacksonville Jaguars

[ see 写真 ]

次 time I'll put もっと見る pictures

The Cheerleaders of the Arena FootBall League; I was looking and the girls are not really "Bombshells" but they are kind of good, they are no Pussycat "Dolls" either.

But as consolation prize the AFl cheerleaders are better to watch than the WNBA, Women's サッカー and ランジェリー Bowl; I rather watch WWE Divas, NFL Cheerleaders, and Ice Skating and then last AFL.

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 voodoo ドール
voodoo Dolls
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Austin Wrangler cheerleaders
arena football league
austin wrangler