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posted by PrinceRhaegar
When あなた are always on the prowl in the god-forsaken streets of The Damned, for the scum of the earth あなた do it at night. And when あなた prowl at night あなた learn to sense the rising または setting of the sun.
"I hate this stupid city, its just full of rotten garbage and theives."
I sighed
Better get back to the caves または the pack will have at me.
I put my mask back on and 鳩 off the rooftops to the empty streets below.
"Got you, あなた piece of shit."
I glanced back over my shoulder and casually threw one of my knives at him.
The ナイフ landed with a meaty thunk in the fleshy part of the カーフ, ふくらはぎ muscle.
He started...
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posted by PrinceRhaegar
Ronna and I exited the apartment and began walking towards rear of the cave system.
My father chose these caves because they offered protection from pretty much all attacks. That was before I took over and created a 狼, オオカミ empire, combining many packs together into one. My main goal was the confrontation of Man when I was younger.
"Where are we going?"asked Ronna.
The コメント startled me and totally brought me back to my senses.
"Did I startle you?"she asked.
"A little, but I was brooding on sad subjects so I guess I owe あなた for the wake up call."
I nibbled her neck.
She laughed "Well I guess I should...
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posted by PrinceRhaegar
"Blake, what the hell?"I said.
"Shhhh, あなた dont want to wake Ronna,"he 発言しました quietly
I looked down and I realized that Blake was right and she hadnt woken when blake came in.
"You are the only 狼, オオカミ that seems to be able to sense when im around."He whispered.
"Here, lets go out in the other room where we don't have to whisper."
He nodded and paced out of the room. I rose slowly so I wouldn't wake Ronna. She whimpered softly as i moved. I smiled down at her and touched her side with my nose and it seems to calm her.
As i exited the bedroom the first thing I saw was Garret tied up in the center of the...
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posted by PrinceRhaegar
As I entered my apartment my eyes were immediately drawn to the two burly オオカミ in the corner. I recognized them immediately and that meant another problem was around here somewhere.
"You two,"I called,"where is Kane."
They looked at each other and then the one on the left decided to answer.
"Sir, Kane is waiting for あなた with Ronna in the 次 room,"he said,"and sir?"
I replied calmly even though my nerves felt pretty shot today.
"Sir, hes not in a very good mood."
"Thank you."
It appeared even the bodyguards of my rival were worried how things would go.
I padded through the opening to confront...
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