Did あなた watch Sweet/Vicious? Do あなた know what it is? The thing that is certain is that あなた should definitely watch this new MTV show! Everyone should be watching this amazing series, and let me tell あなた why in this spoiler free article.

Jules & Ophelia, Season 1 Promo

For me, it was really random. I don't watch MTV, and I didn't even have the channel up until last November, and getting it was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. I decided to get the channel so I could watch the last season of Teen 狼, オオカミ live on TV instead of streaming it. Then on the night of the premiere, November 15th, I put it on and enjoyed the show. During the breaks, I kept seeing link for a 表示する I didn't know, but it looked interesting. This 表示する was called Sweet/Vicious, and they were announcing the first season starting right after Teen Wolf. I figured, I'm here already, might as well give it a try. I fell in 愛 during the first act! It had action, levity, drama, everything I look for in a show, plus the two main characters are two strong girls, and both in different ways. Let's take a little look at those two amazing characters.


The first character we meet is Jules. Now, the first time we see her, she is dressed as a vigilante and you're gonna see her dress that way a lot, but don't worry, we also see her face and how she goes on with her real life outside of her "night job".

Jules is your typical college student. Lives in a sorority with her best friends, goes to class. But she's not like the other girls. At night, she goes out with her ninja costume and beats the crap out of the sexual predators on her campus, and makes sure they understand that if they ever touch another girl without consent, she'll be back and it won't be pretty.


Jules is actually a complex character and あなた really get to know her throughout the season, and let me tell you, she's not a very happy cookie. She has a really sad background and she'll probably break your ハート, 心 a couple of time during the season.


The 秒 character we meet is Ophelia. She is not your typical college student. She's doesn't go to class, but if あなた 表示する up at the exams and turn everything in on time, going to class is optional, right? She's a genius, in every way. She's a computer geek and can hack pretty much any electronic device. She's also the campus pusher, she's the one あなた go see if あなた wanna a little extra fun at your party. She dates, but she's not looking for something serious. Do あなた want her to vomit?

Ophelia is the comic relief of the show, she cracks jokes and she makes a lot of pop culture references. If あなた don't get them, she might throw her hands up in the air. You've never seen Sherlock? What is wrong with you?


She's a very loyal friend and will do anything for the ones she loves. I would definitely want her as my best friend, I would know she'd never let me down.

The story really begins when the two meet. Pretty randomly. Jules casually doing her usual and beating up a guy in the street, while Ophelia is running away from the campus security guard, because apparently you're not allowed to smoke pot on campus. What is that stupid rule? They bump into each other and Ophelia being the smart cookie she is, figures out who the vigilante is and tracks her down - but not to レポート her, to help her. One does not simply beat up a guy while dressed as a ninja for no reason.

Jules doesn't wanna have anything to do with Ophelia at first, but Ophelia is pretty stubborn and doesn't let go easily. They finally team up after a little accident that occurs during one beating, where Jules can't really refuse Ophelia's anymore. They are in for a bumpy ride, because when a vigilante starts going around the campus beating the shit out of guys, it's bound to be talked about at some point.

Jules & Ophelia

During the first season, we follow those two working together, getting into trouble, planning some revenge, and so much more!

It's a 表示する full of action, drama, tear jerker moments, humor, and two 尻, お尻 kicking girls. What's not to like? And for those who like romance, there is some of that in the 表示する as well. Something for everyone to enjoy!

You'll get to meet other characters too. Like Harris, Kennedy, Evan, Tyler, Mackenzie, Fiona, Gaby, Nate, Miles, Barton. But you'll have to watch the 表示する to know who they are and if we like them of not ;).

Mackenzie, Kennedy, Harris & Barton

Was that enough to convince you? Maybe あなた can watch the first scene of the series to help you. あなた can watch it link.

Also, if あなた like stats, they have a rating of 100% on link.

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