I bet about half of あなた are already planning on eating me alive または feeding me to a polar くま, クマ just for the title. あなた don't have to read this. あなた can turn back now and just pretend あなた never saw it. No one will ever know. =P

The Lost/Walking Dead thing just kind of popped up in the early hours of the morning when I was trying to get to sleep. I started 書く stuff down, wondering if it would make sense when I was fully conscious. It did. So here あなた go - a rough 一覧 of similarities between characters from The Walking Dead and Lost.

Notes: Most of the ロスト stuff applies もっと見る to the early seasons, before everything got so complicated. I haven't read The Walking Dead comics, so this is based on season 1 of the show. I am aware that TWD can change it up any time and a lot of this might not be relevant 次 season, または even 次 week. This is just one fan's thoughts on the similarites between the characters of the two shows. Please don't eat me.

Rick Grimes = Jack Shephard
Main character. Hero complex. Leader. Bleeding heart. Occasional dumbass.

Lori Grimes = Kate Austen
Main female. 愛 triangle. Tough. Gets quite a bit of ファン hate.

Shane Walsh = Sayid Jarrah
Military experience. Enforcer. Good guy gone astray. Obsessed with a woman.

Andrea = Juliet Burke
Tough. Independent. Blonde. Stubborn. Motivated によって 愛 for sister.

Amy = Claire Littleton
Young. Sweet. Loved によって almost everyone. ロスト to tragedy (death / insanity).

Daryl Dixon = Sawyer Ford
Outcast. Redneck. Fearless. Bitch. Selfish. Badass.

Dale Horvath = John Locke
Trusted. Old. Voice of reason. Wise. "Substitute Grandpa."

Glenn = Miles Straume
Funny. Sarcastic. Asian. Comic relief.

Carol Peletier = Sun Kwon
Scared wife. Eventually grows a pair. Protects bastard husband.

Dr. Edwin Jenner = Desmond Hume
Alone with a computer. Slightly crazy because of it. Killed his partner. Keeps a picture of the woman he loved & lost.

Morgan & Duane = Michael & Walt
Father & son. African-American. ロスト mother. Kid likes comics.

The CDC = The Hatch / The Swan
Underground. Safe. Research facility. Alone. Only person left killed his partner, who was in charge. Countdown clock. Explosion.

I thought there were too many parallels to not bring it up. *shrug*