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こんにちは yall guess who the new 星, つ星 of the 月 is.DRUM ROLL please.........nick jonas.yay he is awsome rite. anyways i chose him because he really stays strong and performs every night.and if あなた didnt know he has diebeties and if あなた did know good for you.

he is amazing and it shows because he stays strong he performs almost every night and never complains.that is amazing to me.if あなた have any pictures または anything あなた want to say または コメント please do.and if あなた want to help choose the 次 星, つ星 of the 月 rite me messages または post フォーラム of who あなた want and why i 愛 あなた all thanks for being a fan.=)
posted by babydoll513
selena is like the greatest actress write now.shes honest polite and really really kind.i wonder whats going to become of her.because i know あなた all remember how miley cyrus was and brittney spears they were all bubblegum perfect for a while but all of a sudden something in there head decides to click and they become CRAZY so what do あなた think is going to selena is she going to be like christina aguilera または brittney spears please tell me because i havnt got a clue.and do あなた think that miley cyrus should take a hint from selena gomez または should she realize that her reign is over and she needs to get over her self
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Demi has an interview on the new hit movie, Camp rock.
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posted by babydoll513
WOW!what happend to are sweet little miley cyrus. she is are 星, つ星 of the 月 because shes about the most famous teen 星, つ星 there is but i thought she was the coolest girl in the world until MANDY!isnt she 21 WOW she couldnt find フレンズ her own age and she took miss
miley cyrus from good to bad. now shes a person that parents dont want there kids looking up to i kno i kno thats a little harsh but its true
well that about all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry miley but someone had to say it