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posted by bella01
"she 発言しました she was just dreaming",esme said
'what is wrong with her"i asked
"why あなた ask us"you are the one here who can read minds"Alice said
"Well,i can't read her mind,and i don't know why"i said
"what"they all thought
"wait" Carlisle 発言しました "she's getting up of the bed"
"what is she doing"i asked
"can あなた please shut up"Rosalie said
"she is walking towards the window"Carlisle said
"i locked the window before i leave the room a while ago"Edward said
"you are wrong it's open now,she is wlaking towards the terrace with her guitar"alice said
"what is doing" emmett asked
then she sat down at the floor...
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So in 愛 with Two (Edward, Jacob, Bella)
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posted by bella01
{still EPOV}

alice stopped breathing,i know she is having another vision so i read her mind.i am surprised but happy to see bella in the house.

"bella is safe" i finally said

"yes "alice 発言しました with a grin

"let's go she is in the house"i 発言しました also smiling

then the unexpected happened.again,alice had a vision but it is not a good vision.bella jumped from the window in her room but there is something wrong about her room in the vision because it seems that the the ウォール of her room is destroyed like something have crash there.

"what happened?"esme asked worried

"we have to go now"i said

we got out of the...
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posted by bella01

i can't think straight.i don;t know what is happening to me,every time i think of how to escape,every time he is telling me that he 愛 me,edward's face keep popping inside my head.every time i am thinking of not being with him i feel empty.i think i really like him,no,i 愛 him.

"who is he"darius shouted.

i didn't realized that i spoke the last part of what i am thinking.

"i told あなた before i will never 愛 you.i 愛 someone else"i said

who is he?"he asked angrily

"is he one of your new family?"he asked

i did not answer.

"i will kill them all"he 発言しました angrily

"i will not let あなた hurt any...
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posted by bella01

"get away from me " i shouted furiously

they didn't stop walking towards me .now i can see their faces.they are the same ヴァンパイア that killed my parents.i took a deep breath and calmed myself before i talked to them.i am wearing my expressionless mask to hide my feelings.

"who are あなた ,why did あなた kill my parents?" i asked while standing up.

"why ?" i shouted angrily

"bella please calm down"one of them 発言しました looking concerned

"how did あなた know my name?"i asked him and then looked at the other ヴァンパイア they all have red eyes

"i know everything about you"he 発言しました with a big grin on his face

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posted by bella01

"finally" i said

i finally finished buying all the things i will be needing tomorrow.i walk toward my car,opened the door and got inside.i started the engine .i am driving to the house now.i looked at my wrist watch,it is already 5:04 pm.i sighned.i thought i could finish the shopping trip before 4:00 pm.the road is already dark.i am driving very fast to get ホーム fast.

i arrived at the house after a few minutes.i walked towards the house and open the door .i went inside and walked around finding the house empty.

"where could they be?"i asked myself.

i started walking to my room now.when i...
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posted by bella01
i realize the boy is not a human he is a werewolf.i can't believe it,does every mythical creatures i know live here in forks?before i know it the vision stopped.

{chapter 12}

"hey, miss ,hey"someone shouted at me.

"oh..what?"i asked still can not believe what i saw.

"are you ok?"he asked worried.he have black eyes and hair.

"yes"i said.

"are you sure?"he asked.

"by the way ,my name is jacob black"he said smiling,he gave me a beautiful smile but it did not top edward's smile.wait why am i thinking of him.

"hello jacob i am isabella swan but you can call me bella"; i said also smiling

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posted by bella01
[while unpacking]

I am absentmindedly arranging my books.I have many books,i 愛 reading.actually it takes 4 bib boxes for all of my books.

"you have many books" edward said.that brought me back to reality.

"what?" i asked

"i 発言しました あなた have so many 本 and it looks like あなた have a beautiful book collection"he said

"ahhhh......ok" i said

"bella,bella あなた have so many clothes ,ten boxes so far"alice 発言しました while jumping up and down.

"what?!"i asked confused,i told mrs. meyer before i leave not to send all of my clothes.

"we will be best フレンズ ,because あなた are like me i can see it now we will go shopping...
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posted by bella01
[1 時 later]
The rest of the unpacking had been quiet.
"Bella this is the last of it"Alice said

"Ok,just leave it there"i 発言しました .I looked at my wrist's almost twelve. I still have to buy new notebooks and other school stuff.I heard footstep coming towards the room.the door is still open,then Esme came into view.

"Bella,do あなた want to eat lunch"she asked

"No,thank you.I still have to buy some school
stuffs"i said

"You can buy later"she said

"It's really okay.I also want to see the town to familiarize myself a bit"i said

"Well okay"she said

"Bella"Alice shouted."Can I come with あなた please?"

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posted by bella01
What is wrong with her?Why is 芝居 like she know that we are vampires?'oh,edwards here'.I need to act normal.I decided to hide what am i thinking によって 歌う dancing クイーン of abba in my head,'dancing クイーン feel the beat of the tamborine oh yeah'.I noticed the happy expression on edward's face .I can't help but to smile.
"what"he asked
"nothing"i 発言しました grinning

Then i had a vision ,2 visions in particular the 1st vision is bella dead,She died because of torture and the 秒 vision is Bella a vampire.But bshe is not with us she is with agroup of vampires.I became confused because...
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