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posted by Bdavisbrookeme
 Bow chica wow wow, Midget stripper
Bow chica wow wow, Midget stripper
Ah, about me….let’s see

My name is Nathaniel Mason, but あなた can call me Nate または Nath-friggin-aniel

I took my first breath September 29th, 1990; making me 18 almost 19.

My eyes are blue, and my hair is dirty blonde.

I’ve been on ファンポップ for a whopping 26 days…and I’ve become, I’d say, semi-popular; standing strong with 212 リスペクト and 100 fans, at the moment.

My お気に入り Colors(色) are: some greens, some blues, and maroon.

I get addicted to songs so easy, in the past week I’ve been addicted to AT LEAST 50 songs.

I 愛 being artistic, I made one icon, one banner, and drew a picture; now I...
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posted by Leyton4ever
So もっと見る about me...let me think lol.

It's kinda weird that i really have no idea what to say lol..

Well here's something i'm really really clumsy and i'm absolutely shocked i've never seriously injured myself lol.

i'm just gonna blurt out ランダム useless facts about myself lol

let see when i 16 i failed my first driving test and had to wait an ENTIRE 月 before I had time to get it scheduled again lol.

I'm a really forgetful person, if i don't do something right away または write it down somewhere that i can most definitely see it chances are i will forget to do it.

After high school I went to college...
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こんにちは guys!
I'm Maria, I apologise ahead for the mistakes in this article!

I'm female, as あなた might have seen on my name, and I'm born on the 6th June 1989, so I'm 19 already!
I have green eyes, and here the problem starts my hair is well discussed, some say it's dark blond, some say middle blond and reddish, some say light brown!
so just pic a colour, I'm rather blond, reddish または brunette! :D
And I'm a bit pale, like a joke from my friend and me was after seing twilight, または better while seing twilight I was like "Hey most of the characters are as pale as me, even paler" and she was like "It's not...
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Hi ... guys !!!
So now everyone are 書く 記事 ... Chauren effect!
great!So I decide too !!! Let see ... hmm
What could i say about me ... LoL

My name is Ana Marija ... but フレンズ call me AnA または AnA BaNaNa - this
nick name gaved me チェリー and i like it :)

The 日付 of birth is 6th June ... i think thats the reason
why I 愛 summer ... :) and summer vacation !!! c(:

I have three mans in my life ... actually they are
the 愛 of my life ... did I spell it right ?
I'm not so good in English because I'm form Bosnia !
but that's not the point ... i wanted to say how are the three
mans ... and...
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posted by Laurencia7
DO NOT add アイコン または art あなた didn't make, または あなた altered others work. Nor if あなた do know the アイコン makers, Credit them....

it is only fair, I know how hard it is to make art, and how long it takes....just be fair.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.

fair to icons, art, and etc.
posted by ggothbrookenate
Sooooo guys,

some Fresh Meat arrived for you. I'm sure あなた wanna check out the quality, so let's see what I can tell あなた about me. :D

Um, yeah, my birthday is 27th of December, that means I'm a Capricorn! Well, as the only family member which is born in December, I get the most presents. For both, クリスマス & Birthday together. XD But it depends, if i get something really expensive, it could be two または three things, lol. But enough about my presents and blabla!

Im seventeen and my name is "KAT", usually my name is Katharina, but my フレンズ prefer to call me Kat または Cookie. Then I have this awesomely...
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posted by Leyton4ever
So あなた guys wanna know もっと見る about me. Ok I suppose I'll tell あなた guys もっと見る about myself.

First off my name is Jenelle and I live in a suburb of Buffalo NY. And I've lived here all my life...and yes if あなた were wonder i grew up very close to where chad michael murray is from lmao.

Anyway I was born Jan. 11 1982, so yes i'm a lot older than most people around here, so you'll often find me complaining about how old あなた guys make me feel lmao.

I also have a 5 年 old daughter, her name is Kiera :) and she's the best thing in the world, even though if あなた ask me i'll tell あなた I hate kids and never...
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 OMG! James Lafferty in a thong!;)
OMG! James Lafferty in a thong!;)
Okay so as Co-captian of this little number here, I totally suck, because I had yet to post one of these bad boys! However since Momma P aka Laurencia aka Leigh (which I can't believe あなた didn't tell me about that, really pretty name but Team Cheigh? Doesn't have as nice a ring to it) totally showed me up and already did hers I guess that I will too!

So....where to start? I guess the beginning is always a good option. The world was graced with my awesomely weird presence on Mar.9 1990(Momma P's is the 12th and yes as she has 発言しました our week long b-day bash is 次 week so get ready to partay!...
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So, あなた want to know about me? Well, that is a loaded question. But since I am co-captain of this delicious spot, I shall put on the line and reveal my secret identity.

*rips off mask*

The name that everyone can still refer to me as is either Laurencia または L7...or as my Cheery calls me Momma P. I 愛 that nick name. But the true identity of Laurencia is, Leigh.

The funny story behind my pseudonym is, I always wanted my name to be Lauren growing up. But it wasn't. So I decided to 'Greek' it up and add 'cia' the number 7 came later. Unfortunately if あなた Google "Laurencia" あなた will get some pictures...
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posted by Laurencia7
I was digesting some thoughts on the road tonight, as I normally do, and came up with some ideas about the evolution of my own tolerance. I used to be very passionate and expressive when I began my journey online, into the wilderness we call fandom.

I used to have arguments, and find some people very abrasive. But I came to a point in reflection, as my birthday slowly races up on me, that it is time to grow. Time where one can see certain issues, または over zealous people as a mere gnat in the face, to be shooed.

I cannot blatantly say that I won't lose my cool. On the most blatant ways to get...
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Hi fellow TC friendies!!!!!
this is yourartmatters (and apparently so does mine and thats why i'm writting u this beautiful misspelt article) anyway....

my actually name is alison....i wont respond to ali and havent responded to son since i was about 4 so it's just Alison! i'm from Scotland (anybody 読書 this from there tell me because i cant find anyone)

My landing 日付 was 28th of September 1990 (the 日 b4 our loving pervy friend Nate)
apparently i wasnt born, i just landed so i may b from some planet yet to b discovered によって Nasa!

I have blonde hair and Blue eyes...and a long ロスト twin from...
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posted by othluver
こんにちは everyone! THis spot sounds really great and i just wanted to say message me and get to know me! I 愛 the idea of this spot it sounds great! So anyway ecxited to be here!

So If anyone wants to talk about brooke who is my お気に入り oth character または leyton または Naley(ネイサン&ヘイリー) my two お気に入り couple i would be happy to talk to あなた about them. または brulian for that matter im starting to really like them. So i wanna be an active member of this spot and i hope i will be. Can anyone tell me what team chuaren is though? lol im kind of confused on that front. sorry. So thank あなた so much for inviting me to this spot its gonna be great!!

much love,
posted by CheeryDavis
こんにちは guys I wrote a little song that describes TC's mission! If あなた like it give Laurencia and me a shout out and don't forget to 登録する out site and start spreading the love.
*your cat suit is included*

Welcome to TC it's nice to meet you,
so while you're here let me tell あなた what we are in to!

We're into 愛 let's get that straight
Like Laurencia 発言しました "if あなた like to hate, then dissipate."

So how about あなた are あなた up for the challenge
are あなた sick of the drama and all the fighting

Well here あなた can forget about all of this
TC's here and we're bad, be damned other ships

Come as あなた are BLer LPer whatever...
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As some of あなた may have seen または heard, through our crazy discussions cough midget strippers cough, Laurencia7 and I came up with our ship of Team Chauren and the rest as they say, was history. We'd been trying to think of a way to spread our mission of bringing people together and liking people for who they are, not their icon. Laurencia being the brilliant person she is, made us the TC site, so now あなた can 登録する us in the fight against destroying the hate and spreading a whole lot of great!

So now あなた may ask "Okay i've joined the site, now what?" Well my friend my answer to あなた is, "The possibilities...
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Team Chauren Mission:

In the certainty of being fair, everyone should know what our beliefs are here. One rule that should not falter, do not hate. Against an individual, または a fandom. We are all adults, and あなた know what that is, if あなた wouldn’t say it to someone’s face. Don’t say it here.


• Don’t hate, または discriminate. (against individual, または actor, または characters)
• Don’t start arguments.
• Don’t judge a person, によって their icon.


• Do get to know the person, behind the icon.
• Do get involved in clever banter, and talk about other shows.
• Do find out もっと見る about someone あなた haven’t met.
• Do interact with other fans.
• Do have fun.

Team Chauren
*cat suit included*
*cape for the men folk*