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This takes place the days after Trent got voted off TDA but before the first Aftermath(there's a week separation of episodes)

Courtney's POV:
I sat on the ソファー, ソファ in the Aftermath studio with the others watching this weeks episode of Total Drama Action. I thought it was really sweet how Trent was throwing his challenges for Gwen. I'd be extremely touched if anyone did that for me. I wanted to パンチ Gwen in the face when how she repayed Trent for his kindness was breaking up with him. I felt so bad for him. Especially when after that Gwen decided...
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 *sighs* Aren't they so perfect together?
*sighs* Aren't they so perfect together?
(I'm going to skip the 3 days between each challenge and go to whoever is voted off with only the exeption of Ch. 5 [you'll see])
In the two days after that to come, much もっと見る happened. によって now, the whole resort new and was in on the plan. Plus, they all wanted insider info about "Trentney" as it was called. Like Brangelina on a smaller scale. It being too awkward asking the two major insiders for information, I went to Bridgette, Bridgette went to Izzy, and Izzy told everyone here. She'd announce it to everyone else on Wawanakwa if she had...
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 Trent and Courtney. Aren't they perfect for eachother?
Trent and Courtney. Aren't they perfect for eachother?
(This begins somewhere between Izzy's 2nd elimination and After The Dock Of Shame and ends at TDDDDI. POV of Courtney.)
Izzy just got off the ボート after being eliminated for the 秒 time and yet was still all smiles. That girl is nutso. I was swimming in the deeper end of the pool, thinking about Duncan as usual. When I came up for air, someone 鳩 in, splashing me. I didn't care, because I was already wet, but still kinda peeved. The person came up infront of me. It was Trent. Considering I could care less about that guy, I swam away....
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Woah... 0.o


Im a dXc ファン BUT if duncan wasn't in TDI, TDA and TDtM then i would TOTALLY want them 2 get 2getha coz if あなた think about it...

Trent can play the acoustic ギター and can sing really well.
Courtney can play the electric ギター (and the violin) and can sing really well 2...

If gwenXtrent または duncanXcourtney weren't created then i think i'd be obsessed with courtneyXtrent lyk im obsessed with duncanXcourtney! LOL!

So i guess there's probably a gXd spot aswell >:(
 I can't help officially OBSESSED with duncanXcourtney!
I can't help officially OBSESSED with duncanXcourtney!
posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Every Thursday night I yell at my TV saying "C'MON FALL IN 愛 ALREADY!!!!!!!"
There are もっと見る rumors about Trent and Gwen getting back together. If I was Trent, I would stay away from her at all costs.
Sience the DxG thing is really close to happening, I think TxC has a 99.9% chance.
Just think about it. From a small TDI spot with a poorly made アイコン to a 人気 cartoon show's newest 大砲, キャノン couple. And it's all thanks to a great idea from us Fanpoppers.
Courtney has called Trent a loser in the 1st TDA aftermath. That could change, あなた know. It all could change.
But enough with the steryotypical 'cool guy and goth girl' couple. It's boring and stupid.
If we believe enough, the two could be a grat couple. They could get コメント like "TxC forever!!!" But enough with that bullshit.
If Teletoon listened to all of our great couple ideas, than they would know what to do to make the ファン happy.
But for now, mark my words:
TXC FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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