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Noah (Lucas in French), labeled The Schemer, was a camper on Total Drama Island on the Screaming Gophers team. He is currently unqualified to compete in Total Drama Action.

Being born in a large family with numerous siblings, Noah hardened himself over the years to prevail through life's obstacles and learned to overcome problems によって using his intelligence rather than his physical strength. He has been 発言しました to be an avid player of video games and has nearly-encyclopedic knowledge of modern literature and other forms of media. In school, Noah performs well and is even competent (and...
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I lay in my bunk above Gwen, thinking of what I would do if I won.
It was 3:00 A.M.
Then Gwen woke up tired and asked me why I was awake when she climbed the latter to my bunk.
I told her what I was thinking about, she told me what she would do as she sat down 次 to me.
I asked her a 質問 aside to the subject.

me:"Do あなた think Noah likes me?"

Gwen:"I don't should ask him."

me:"Well...I'm kinda shy and I am afraid if he's gonna say no in my face."

Gwen:"Well, then I'll ask him."

me:"You would go that for me!"(I screamed whispered quietly so I wouldn't wake the others)

Gwen:"Of course,...
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