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***This here is a collaboration fanfiction that will be done in parts によって Gwentrend24 and me, Bakes2389. This first part is によって me, Bakes2389. This is meant as a fanfiction from Duncan's point of view as he ventured into and out of TDWT and onto TDAS. We are trying to make this as accurate as possible with the dialogue and scenes from the show. Hope あなた enjoy!***

Part 1:

    A few months had passed since the end of Total Drama Action, the reality 表示する that had been sweeping the nation for two consecutive seasons. The show's juvenile delinquent had taken the win, and for his sweet victory, he received one million dollars. In the end, he should have been happy. He won the money, his girl came back to him, and he was a gem to the public eye.

However, his happiness that he felt on the night of his win slowly dissipated. His parents had taken control of the money. They paid his juvie bail that was set at a steep cost due to his "leaked" Happy Nude's 年 写真 and his pool party in the City Hall Fountain. If Duncan had known the 写真 and pool party would cost him, he probably wouldn't have done it. Sure, he got a laugh out of it, but was it worth it? The money dwindled after he paid off his bail, his lawyer's hefty fee, and his parents took a chunk out for all of the hardships they endured. Duncan didn't blame them; he would have done the same thing. What was left of the money was his, right? Of course not. The rest of the money was put in a trust in his name that he could touch when he turned 21. Duncan was unamused によって all of this, but he still had his girl によって his side.
    Their relationship was sweet. They were the couple that "beat the odds," または so the tabloids said. Courtney was his dream girl. She was feisty, yet she had this innocent, "good" glow about her. Sure, her anger was sometimes a bit touchy, but Duncan felt as if he were the cause of it. At least he was driving someone crazy; he just hoped she liked it as much as he did.

    Several もっと見る months passed, and still Duncan was the talk of the town. Every media 情報源 was covering his every move, and the media took a particular liking to his relationship. Naturally, Duncan enjoyed the attention, as narcissistic as that seemed. As long as everyone loved him, he felt fine.

Duncan jumped onto the sofa in his living room. He fluffed up the 枕 次 to him, and sprawled out. He clicked on the television, and low and behold, there he was. "Duncan and Courtney stepped out today with matching tattoos. Things look like they are getting serious!"

Duncan snorted. "Can't they see that they're fake!? There is no way in hell that Courtney would ever get a real tattoo. And I sure wouldn't get a heart…..Duncans don't do hearts."

"Honey, you're talking to yourself again," cried his mother from the kitchen.

Duncan grimaced. "Sorry……thought あなた were in here with me."

"Mhmm dear," his mother answered from the キッチン archway. "Just watch your program…….now where is your father's hair piece?" she muttered as she left the room.

Duncan turned back to the blaring television. The tv host started gossiping about Total Drama celebs that were participating in community service.

"Last weekend, the new band, The Drama Brothers, played a 表示する for the elderly at an old retirement ホーム in Quebec City. Isn't that sweet?" The host gave a big smile. "In addition to those sweeties, Gwen, the brooding loner, also gave her cause to "go green" with her blog. Unfortunately, things didn't go so green for her." The host chuckled at her own pun as the clip rolled.

Gwen was blogging with fellow Total Drama contestants, Katie and Sadie. Before Gwen could even explain the cause, the two best フレンズ were chirping in about some paint war. Gwen put her head down on her desk. "Nevermind…."

Duncan stared at the television. "Poor Gwen……..she had to deal with those two morons," he 発言しました with a scoff. "I wonder how she's doing. I haven't seen her since the TDA finale. Maybe I'll go check out her blog または something."

"Honey, you're doing it again……," his mother chimed in once again.

"Ugh! Mom!!! Stop doing that!" he 発言しました as he jumped up from the couch. "I'm going to my room! Don't bug me!" Duncan snapped as he trudged up the steps to his room.

"Sometimes I just don't understand that boy," his mother 発言しました as she shook her head.

Duncan walked into his dark, punk room, shut the door, and grabbed his laptop off of his carved desk. He laid on his ベッド and opened his laptop screen. He typed 'Total Drama Gwen's blog' into a 検索 engine; the first link he tried was a dedication blog to Gwen によって some creepy dude from Nebraska.
Duncan burst out laughing. This guy gave Trent a run for his money. Duncan skimmed through the blog and came upon a link to Heather's blog response to Gwen.

Heather's blog video was odd. Heather was dressed in a wig that resembled Gwen's hair and she had puppets of Katie and Sadie. Duncan wasn't sure who was creepier, Heather または the dude from Nebraska?
Heather parodied Gwen's failed blog attempt and then Duncan's jaw dropped as he heard Heather utter his name.

"How dare あなた interrupt my loser video blog. I wish Duncan were here so I could キッス him, even though I'm way too scared to tell him how I 愛 him because I'm too cool," Heather 発言しました in her most monotone voice. She pulled out a framed picture of Duncan and kissed it. "Mhmmm…..yes. Save the whales!"

Duncan's mouth still hung in shock. "Well……that was interesting. Does Heather really think Gwen likes me? Nahhh……we're just friends. Well, we were close in Total Drama Action. And we did almost kiss, but that really wasn't anything. I just was wrestling around, and she knew that, right? Plus, I have Courtney and she's amazing……amazingly hot too. Mhmmm…..oh yeah."
Duncan sat for a 分 空想 when suddenly, "Wait a damn minute…why the hell does Heather have a framed picture of me?" He shuddered at the thought.

A couple days had passed and he and Courtney decided to go on a romantic ディナー date. He wanted to do something nice for his girlfriend, as he should. They went to a fancy French restaurant that would most certainly cost a fortune, but Courtney was worth it. Duncan sat picking at his plate. Courtney, the important CIT, clacked away on her PDA. She hadn't 発言しました much, but looked unamused with Duncan. Duncan tried to pry any form of conversation from her, but failed miserably. Courtney grunted a yes または no and sometimes would just nod to answer. She simply was enthralled with her PDA and ignored Duncan completely. Duncan grimaced. He was starting to feel enraged; this was the same rage he had felt for Harold when he had voted Courtney off in season 1. At the rate of the dinner, he wished he could vote himself away from Courtney. He felt awkward. Had they finally run out of things to talk about? Was her PDA really もっと見る important than him?

"So I was watching a clip of Heather's new blog and your name came up," Courtney 発言しました as her eyebrows furrowed.

"What? Are あなた jealous?" Duncan asked astonishingly.

"Well, why would Heather say that Gwen loves you? Do あなた want to tell me anything?" she pried.

"Excuse me? No Princess," he snapped. "Heather just loves to pick on Gwen. あなた remember their fights, don't you?"

"I can't believe あなた are defending her!" Courtney 発言しました in disbelief. "On 秒 thought, of course あなた would. あなた probably feel the same." She scoffed.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm not defending anyone. I'm just saying that Heather is trying to start trouble. And I guess she did. Shit…." Duncan clenched his glass.

"You didn't deny having feelings for that loser," Courtney sassed. "I've had it with your two-timing ass!"

"Courtney! I didn't cheat on you! Dammit! Is this why you've been ignoring me all night!?" he asked exasperated.

"I have not been ignoring you!" she snorted. "You've had my attention the entire night!"

"I have not! あなた couldn't be bothered to look up from your shitty PDA for もっと見る than one minute!"

"Oh please! Stop being so needy, Dunky," she sassed back.

"You know what? I can't do this any more. あなた always have to be right," Duncan yelled.

"Excuse me!? I'm dumping you! I am always right!!! You're nothing but a thug! I wish I'd never met you!" she yelled as she threw a bit of her ステーキ at him.

Duncan picked up a fistful of mashed potatoes and sent them flying at Courtney. The two of them kept throwing things, yelling, and screaming at each other, until security had to escort them off of the premises.

A 日 later, they declared they were broken up at a press conference. Duncan would not utter a word about their break up, as advised によって his lawyer, but Courtney continued to insult him for the world to see. Duncan angrily left the conference and vowed to never see her again.
(I find it hilarious that all the sappy chapters r 人気 xD well enjoy!)

I walked into first class with Duncan, Trent, and Alejandro, while my old team suffered in economy. I sat with Duncan while Trent sat with Alejandro. I sat on Duncan's lap while my legs hung over the arm of the seat. My head was back and Duncan was playing with my hair. I was enjoying my bliss until Chris walked in with that smile that I just wanted to slap off his face sometimes. I held my breath while he walked over to me and Duncan, then began to breath when he passed us and walked over to Trent and Alejandro. I looked...
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Duncan's POV
Did i sound cool enough? hmm, WAIT i don't like Gwen anymore, But i AM a little suspicious why, and how they broke up and im totally over it,..... Kinda... Well i better get going....
It is a cloudy night, and foggy, and REALLY dark. 通り, ストリート light, sorta helps. As i sit under the tree, i saw a black image in the distance, as it got closer, i could tell it was Gwen.
Gwens POV
I could see Duncan under our tree. My ハート, 心 was beating, really fast as i got closer, and closer.
Once i got close enough for us to talk, i heard a,
"Hey Gwen, sit over here under the tree.!"...
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Chapter 21
(Duncan's P.O.V.)
Was it real?
Had my fantasies come true?
Was Chris really... Dead?!
"YESSSS!!!" I jumped up on the 表, テーブル and shouted.
"Is this something to be happy about??" Courtney shouted behind me. "He got stabbed in the back with a キッチン knife, and you're happy?!"
What an idiot.
She's such a kiss-up.
"You just 焦げ茶色, ダン, dun got punk'd, suckahs!!" Chris suddenly sprang up and said, "Horror 映画 are for today!!"
Wow, I had been happy?

"How in the-" Justin started, but Chris inturrupted him によって explaining he had on a small packet full of fake blood, and it bursts on impact.
"10 minutes, people!...
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Gwen P.O.V.

It was the end of the day,I decided to go ホーム later and go to the mall and hang out at the 食 court.While I was walking I flipped through my sketchbook,observing my old drawings and hope for some inspiration to hit me.I bumped into someone,it was Dj,"Hey Dj,how あなた been?"I inquired."Nothing,I was just heading to the mall," He replied."Me too,you want to hang out at the 食 court?"I suggested."Sure,but Geoff and Duncan are also gonna be there,"He told me."That's fine,"I said.Well Trent did say Duncan and I can be フレンズ again,so we can hang out places,also Geoff and Dj are gonna...
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while i was online chattin with duncan he invited me to heathers party i 発言しました why in the world would i go to heather stupid party . he told me she invited me cause she needs every one to see a clip that has memories about tdi. i 発言しました ok. i was gettin ready when trent knocks on the door he give me お花 i hug him こんにちは babe u hear about the partyy he says yea let me drive u . oh sorry babe i cant duncans taking me. oh him again. wat do u mean babe i say. trent says u can totally tell duncan has a crush on u , n o he dosnt babe dont be paroniod. then duncan comes and says lets go gwen i got a...
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