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beat it
Stepping out of the bathroom dripping, embarressed and exhuasted from the days advents あなた dragged yourself to your room opening the door and lazily entering it あなた sighed "i still have to ラップ my wounds" あなた whimpered at the thought all あなた wanted to do was snuggle into ベッド and sleep for a billion years but no life couldnt be that simple "shall i go get Mistress Yumi" Freya asked floating just atad above you.
You where about to answer her when a grumble from the skys peeked your curiousity あなた walked to your window looking out to the dark clouds that consumed the nights sky "looks like a storm...
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posted by dao
Tao Ren(道 蓮, Dào Lián, known as Len Tao in the English アニメ and English video games) is a fictional character in the マンガ and アニメ series of Shaman King. Ren was born on January 1, 1986 and is the main heir to the Tao Family. Tao Ren is shorter than Yoh and most of his friends, at 4'9", but he seems to look taller when the length of the spike in his hair is added up. This spike is a part of his hairstyle called tongari.

He is relatively thin, and his spiked hair is a shade of dark purple. Ren's eyes are golden in the anime, but in the manga's colored pages, they usually appear gold,...
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ren tao
shaman king
Once upon a time there was a boy shaman named Ren Tao, heir to the Tao throne, and ハート, 心 throb was busy walking down the block...

"Thank God, there's no ファン girls around." He 発言しました to himself so quietly.

"Oh-no! Don't worry I'll get あなた down! Just wait-I'll get help!" Frantically yelled a girl.

Ren, who was calm as he was walking didn't notice that that same girl had grabbed him towards the tree.

"Hey, mister? Do あなた mind if あなた can help me out? Kyo-Kun is stuck on that tree!"

Ren opened his eyes and stared at the girl. He eyed her observantly. She had long blue hair and the most light-hearted eyes...
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Pairing: RenHoro

Summary: When Anna finally gets fed up of Ren and Horo-Horo's arguments, she forces them both to wash dishes. Together. A seemingly bad punishment turns out to be better than the both of them expected.

Disclaimer: Don't own Shaman King. If I did, I would make Horo-Horo wear pants rather than shorts (Too cold to スノーボード in shorts! Idiot Ainu!), Ren-In-A-Dress would have become a separate little side story, and the dub-logo would have pot leaves still on it, because we all know pot スポンサー the dubbers.

A/N: Wrote after a round of snowboarding result in pain. It inspired me. Somehow....
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"Ren-chan~~" Ren ignored the call andkeptexercising. "Ren-chan~~" Still, Ren ignored and call. "REN-CHAN!!!" Kurohana yelled as she shook him.

"WHAT?!" Ren yelled, letting go of the work out equipment and glared at Kurohana. "I'm hungry~~." She whined like a baby.

"How can あなた be hungry when all you've done is ten push ups?!" Ren yelled. "Just go make yourself something to eat!!"

"But I can't cook!!"

"What woman doesn't know how to cook?!" Kurohana narrowed her eyes at Ren, "Is that a sexist comment, Tao Ren?"

"Are あなた glaring at me, Kuro?" Kurohana looked away and pouted. Then she got an idea,...
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Abilities and Powers
As a human Ren has a very strong body as evidence によって his tough and constant training. He is very skilled in martial arts and sword fighting, in addition to also learning techniques によって just watching them as he was able to learn many of Mikihisa Asakura's techniques simply によって experiencing them firsthand, and also learning to use Oversoul によって just seeing Chrome use his. It is mentioned that Ren is skilled in もっと見る than one area of combat. He is a powerful shaman capable of doing things most shamans his age would not be able to. He is one of only a handful of shamans that can...
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posted by dao

Ren's name in Japanese means "benevolent", "tough", and "edge of a knife", all of which are reflected in his character. His actual Chinese name, Lián, means "lotus" and is actually a girl's name.
Ren has an obsession with ミルク and the number 3.
A running gag in the series is that Ren's tongari grows longer whenever he gets irritated または shocked.
It is mentioned in the interview part in the official Shaman King character book, that he would like a girl if she is smaller than him and not very annoying, resulting that he married Iron Maiden Jeanne, and had a son.
Ren's name sometimes is seen in Western order, Ren Tao, in artwork in the Shaman King manga.
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Ren Tao (道 蓮)
Ren is a shaman from China who came to 日本 to fight Yoh Asakura and to take part in the Shaman Fight in Tokyo. In the American dub this is never mentioned. Ren starts off as a 13 年 old in the マンガ and the original Japanese anime, while in the English アニメ he first appears as a 15 年 old.

He is serious, logical, and emotionally aloof. He has become like this because of how he was raised. Because of his father, Ren had adapted a deep hatred towards humanity and a strong yearning to eliminate them all. He also believed that his spirit companion, Bason, was only meant to...
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