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posted by loveyoutancred
In my opinion Dagbert endless is in fact not as strong as storm bringer tancred torsson, although in the book "Charlie bone and the shadow of badlock" it seemed dagbert had over powered tancred and now everyone has come to the fact that Dagbert is stronger than tancred. Which is NOT true. Dagbert is dependent on those sea ゴールド charms, without them he is nothing. What if one 日 he had ロスト one または もっと見る of them? He would die without them. Where as tancred isn't dependent on anything no ゴールド creatures, nothing. Plus if あなた recall in the book I think tancred didn't even get to prove his strength against dagbert, since one mistake cost him everything. One slip lead to banging his head which lead to tancreds drowning. Are あなた really going to jump to conclusions and say dagbert is stronger? I'm not.
-Supreme Tancred Torsson Fan