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 Leomon - The King of File Island
Leomon - The King of File Island
I am going to write a series of 記事 like this one about why I like fictional characters and I will use them to try to make them a little bit もっと見る known than they are.

I will start with a character that get very little respect from the creators of the 表示する where he appears namely Leomon.

Leomon is a supportive/secondary character from the Digimon franchise but he is not very frequent guest with only a few appearences in the shows 54 episodes.
Be warned as I am going to spoil what happens to him in the end of the 表示する so if あなた plan to watch the 表示する please stop 読書 now.

The reason why I...
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I have about 30 記事 that I have started but never completed because either the inspiration ran out または I just forgot about it and started another one.

Other than that I have alot of drawing requests that I need to finish.

This means that I have much work to do if I ever expect to finish all of my projects.

So here is what I plan to do.

I will focus on these five 記事 and then decide on what to write next.

Ben 10 Franchise.
I will both make a short review of the series and tell あなた my opinion on different parts of the characters and the story.
This cartoon really surprised me...
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posted by Takuya
This is my first attept at 書く 詩 so please tell me your honest opinion and how i can improve it.

"Life is a long journey with Infinite detours and surprises

あなた can not get anywhere in life によって just going straight on the path.

The path of life is long and eternaly changing,

The greatest trial in life is life itself.

Don´t just mind yourself, let people in.

Being alone is being cruel to yourself.

There is nothing worse in life that being all alone."

Like i 発言しました this is my first try and i don´t even know if this can be caled a poem または just gibberish.

Please コメント <3
Name: Tobias

日付 of birth: 1991-03-18
Age: 20
Birthday: March 18
Gender: Male
Nationality: Swedish
Height: 1.83 M
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Blood Type: Unknown

Martial Status: Single

Occupation: Unemployed,Psuedo Otaku
Alias: Takuya (Fanpop) Takeshi-Taka (MAL)
Language: Swedish,English and VERY limited Japanese

お気に入り Animals: イヌ (As Pets) Cheeta (In the Wild)
お気に入り Color: Purple
お気に入り Movie: Disney´s Beauty and the Beast
お気に入り Manga: One Piece
お気に入り Song: Unknown
お気に入り Food: French Fried and Porkchops
The class party was just about to begin and Maria had come early to help the out with setting everything up.
Maria was 17 years old and she hated to spend もっと見る time with most of her classmates than she had to but this time she was hoping to meet Kevin so she had decided to go anyway.
The party started and Maria stood in a corner watching the others having fun and 表示中 affection for their partners on the dance floor and felt もっと見る alone than usual.
Kevin arrived around 20 分 after the party had started and he hoped that Maria were still there because she was the only reason he even bothered...
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The snowstorm had come from out of nowhere and caught Adam and ジャスミン によって surprice.
Adam had invited ジャスミン over for ディナー since he was alone until tomorrow night and felt like he wanted some company.
"Looks like we are going to be snowed in." Adam 発言しました as he looked out the window.
"Yeah, I might have to stay here tonight."
Adam flinched, Having her stay over would be a dream come true but he knew that he would never have the nerve to do anything with her.
"Y-yeah.." he 発言しました "It seems like it."
After ディナー they decided to watch a movie to get the time to go and they settled on "Cinderella".
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The Origin:
A human girl named Caroline DeVana falls in 愛 with a demon disguised as a human and she becomes pregnant.

The 日 of the birth she finds out that her lover is a demon and he attacks her and leaves her to die.

The wound is slowly killing her and right when she is about to die an エンジェル appears and transforms her into an エンジェル aswell thereby saving her and the baby from an eternity in nothingness.
(If a demon kills あなた that stops あなた from ever entering either heaven nor hell)

Carol is taken to the 天使 ホーム world but the baby is left behind to die because of his demon blood, but since...
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posted by TeamSongz4eva
こんにちは Toby its me your friend Bee
i have had pratice 書く 記事 all 日 so this should be the best:) i hope:)

ok how did i meet you...oh yeah i asnwered a 質問 on Chery's club:) i remember that..then あなた were really awesome so i decided to chk out ur profile..man was i amazed...ur one tru DIsney Expert....now i know who to turn to when i need an extreme anaylyzed 記事 of a ディズニー movie..other than that Toby im glad i ever even met you....you are a cool guy and very gifted and if あなた ever do become that amazing author..i wanna read every book あなた write:) im glad あなた dont have a mean bone in that ハート, 心 of yours (waiit hearts dont have bones.....) haha....
ur are an awesome fried and i hope our friendship continues:)

愛 you!


ps i know u are probaby thinking that i could have made this longer :):) but i will write another one for あなた and make it longer ok:)
posted by Cherry9090
あなた are alsome.
The best freind anyone can have.
Your sweet.
And just plain nice.
I hope あなた like this peom.
It is for あなた only.
The way a good freind is hard to find.
The way a freind like あなた comes once in a lifetime.
Everything a freind should be.
There people out there who are mean.
And try and use people.
I am glade あなた are not one for those.
あなた are my freind until the end.
And I swear I will be the same way.
Never to hurt.
Never to yell.
Never to take my anger out on you.
All I ask in return is that あなた do the same.
Freinds until the end.
Through the pain.
Through the world.
Through everything.
And mean.
All freinds will rise above holding hands and smiling.
I am hornored to have あなた as my friend