Symphonic Metal Symphonic Metal Band Confessions; Which do あなた agree with (300)?

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I was watching Delain’s live at Podium de kelder, Amersfoort 27-2-2015 コンサート
I am so excited for Phantasma!
War Games によって Pythia is like my theme song for George R. R. Martin’s A Song of I
Oasis によって Tarja Turunen… such a beautiful song.
14622 answer: If i ever was scared of crowds and not immune of criticism i would
I 愛 Floor’s bat ring. Flipping the bird in style!
It’s ridiculous how often Therion changes their vocalists. They already did thi
I know that sometimes it’s their record label that does this, but I wish that N
I can’t say this anywhere else because I would get a bunch of shit for it but I
Once again, people and press say Floor was a super rude prima donna around Rock i
I hope this doesn’t seem offensive. But, anyone remember the Leave Britney Alon
Liv Kristine’s voice reminds me of Tarja but without the accent. I bet she coul
A Sharon デン Adel cover of The Sound of Silence would be perfect.
Sometimes, I feel like if Anette cured cancer tomorrow she would be criticized fo
As much as I like the song “We Are The Others”, I liked Delain better before
So people stopped saying Simone is a racist 雌犬 and now say Floor is. Awesome,
Most of people think that Nightwish sucks at their slow songs.But I think their s
14689, Well everyone in Nightwish brings a little something different to the tabl
People defending Floor’s rude behaviour should really rethink their point of vi
@14692: Can あなた please not spread lies? I knew someone would bring this drama her
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