Castiel reveals what he really is to Dean
In this 記事 I'm going to go over the Mythology facts on some of the 天使 from the 表示する Supernatural. First I'll start with Castiel the エンジェル that brought Dean back from hell in the open episode of Season 4's "Lazarus Rising". Here are the Mythology facts about Castiel.


The エンジェル of: Thursday, New Changes, Travel
Description: Castiel is an エンジェル of Thursday and will help anyone born on this 日 または anyone who asks for help on this day. The エンジェル can help us if there are changes in our life which may involve a lot of traveling または moving to a new country and we need guidance.
Colours: Pastel Green.
Season: Autumn
Month: November
Day: Thursday
Keywords: Beginnings, Passion, Understanding.
Gemstones: Topaz
Symbol: The Archer
Tarot: Temperance

次 is Gabriel aka The Trickster. We have seen Gabriel through out the 表示する starting with Season 2's "Tall Tales", Season 3's "Mystery Spot" where he portray's a Trickster. It's not until Season 5's "Changing Channels" that we learn what he really is an Angel. Here is the Mythology facts about Gabriel.


天使 of the 日 :: Gabriel/Monday
あなた were born on a Monday, and your エンジェル is Gabriel!

Monday ~ Gabriel: Opportunity, Protections, & No Fear

Gabriel is the エンジェル of the Annunciation of the Madonna, Resurrection of Christ, Mercy, Vengeance, Death, and Revelation. This Chief of the Angelic Guards was placed as guardian of Paradise, and ruler of Monday, the 日 of the Moon. Our intentions on Monday and the 時 of the moon should involve Psychological Balance, Beauty, Psychic Abilities, Feminine Forces, Dreams, Astral Travel, Protection, and Intuition.

"Gabriel holds the Lily 花 sybolizing new life, His pendant is the sign of the Moon."

Though there are alot もっと見る 天使 on the 表示する that we see through out Season's 4, 5 & 6 some that are stubborn known as Zacheriah, & Uriel, a Fallen エンジェル known as Anna who's mission is to kill the Winchester line to prevent the apocolapse from happening. If your looking for a 表示する that brings あなた Action, Drama, Suspense, & Comedy Supernatural is for you.
Sam & Dean figure out what "The Trickster" really is in "Changing Channels" an エンジェル known as Gabriel