April 25, 1981

Constance Welch, 24 Authorities attribute her suicide to extreme emotional distress.
A local woman’s death was ruled a suicide, the county Sheriff’s Department 発言しました earlier today. Constance Welch, 24, of 4636 Breckenridge Road leapt off Sylvania bridge at mile 33 of Centennial highway, and sub-sequently drowned last night.

Deputy J. Pierce told reporters that, hours before her death Ms. Welch logged a call with 911 emergency services. In a panicked tone, Ms. Welch described how she found her two young children, 5 and 6, in the bathtub, after leaving them alone for several minutes. She reported that their complexions were pale and blue, and that they were not breathing. Both children were later found at the ホーム on Breckenridge. Neither survived. Deputy Pierce theorized that the extreme emotional distress, brought on によって the death of her children, was a leading factor in Ms. Welch’s suicide.

Joseph Welch, 30 - Our 赤ちゃん were gone and Constance just couldn't くま, クマ it.
Ms. Welch and her two children are survived によって Joseph Welch, 30, husband and father. Mr. Welch made a public statement this morning. “I can’t tell あなた how devastated I am. I just ロスト my entire family in one day. What happened to my children was a terrible accident. And it must have been too much for my wife. Our 赤ちゃん were gone, and Constance just couldn’t くま, クマ it.” 発言しました husband Joseph Welch. “Now I ask that あなた all please respect my privacy during these trying times.”

At the time of the children’s death and Ms. Welch’s subsequent suicide, Mr. Welch was at the Frontier auto salvage yard, where he works the graveyard shift as assistant manager. “Connie might have been quiet, but she was the sweetest, most caring girl I ever met.” 発言しました Deanna Kripke, a neighbor. “And she just doted on those children. She loved `em もっと見る than anything else in the world. I’m sure once those children were dead, she just didn’t want to go on living. It’s an awful thing.”

“Constance and Joe were one of those perfect couples that あなた always wished あなた could be,” 発言しました David Nutter, “Connie and the kids are with the 天使 right now, and the real victim here is Joe. What he‘s gonna do without his family, I just got no idea. ”

Mr. Welch asks that all お花 be sent to First Baptist Church, 2626 Talmalge Road, Jericho, California.

**I have always been curious what the newspaper 記事 on these shows say so I took the time to figure it out. I had to take a few liberties for one of the sentences because I just couldn’t read it. I thought it was funny the names they use for the two quotes. I would have never noticed that if I hadn’t do this. I hope あなた like it.**
Sylvania Bridge, Centennial Highway, Jericho, CA