Stranger Things 2
Yes, I’m a ファン of the hugely 人気 Netflix Original Stranger Things. If this seems out of character compared to mostly everything else I love, it totally is, since the only reason I watched it in the first place was pressure from the male members of my family who had binged it and loved it. Anyway, so a few months ago, I wanted to watch something with my dad….who would only stay up with me….if I tried the first episode of Stranger Things. I wasn’t even sold after that (don't judge) and it took a couple もっと見る forced episodes to really get into it, but after the finale of Season 1, I was really enjoying it. Fast フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to now, I’ve watched both seasons and now, just after it has been renewed for a third season, I am ranking the characters with probably some very unpopular opinions. I'm actually surprised no one has done this on ファンポップ yet! Anyways, here goes with ranking the cast across the current two seasons:

1. Kali Prasad

Yes, it’s probably an uncommon choice, but I was impressed with Kali who was introduced in S2. I want to know もっと見る about her and see もっと見る of her amazing powers! There wasn’t much irritating drama attached to her either, which definitely added to the of the character to me.

Actress: Linnea Berthelsen

2. Sheriff Jim Hopper

Sheriff Jim Hopper is an entertaining and deceptively awesome character on Stranger Things who is skeptical of his crazy world at first, but kind and level headed. I really enjoy this character and look フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to seeing もっと見る of him.

Actor: David Harbour

3. Jonathan Byers

A quiet, endearing character, Jonathan wants to be dating Nancy Wheeler, but is kindly respective of her 宇宙 and her personal choices. Jonathan is great at 写真 and will do anything to keep the ones he cares for 安全, 安全です from those who mean harm, from bullies to creepy スーパーナチュラル beings.

Actor: Charlie Heaton

4. Max Mayfield

“Mad Max” is a new character introduced in Season 2 and one I’m quickly liking a lot. She is also part of the reason I’m not wild about Mike anymore, with his stupid Eleven drama. Max is a huge help and deserves to be a part of the party. Plus she and Lucas are one of my お気に入り relationships of Stranger Things, unlike Mike and Eleven.

Actress: Sadie Sink

5. Steve Harrington

I liked Steve moderately in Season 1, but I really enjoyed him in Season 2. Free of his two idiot friends, he becomes one of my お気に入り characters for Season 2, especially when he teams up with the younger teens to defeat the “Demo-Dogs” with that awesome bat. He figures out what’s wrong with his romantic relationship, keeps his new-found フレンズ 安全, 安全です at his own peril and comforts Nancy when she needs it most and finally he fights his new nemesis which was awesome. Guess he’s もっと見る than just a pretty face in Hawkins.

Actor: Joe Keery

6. Jane Ives Hopper “Eleven”

I want to 愛 her もっと見る than I do, but her ANNOYING drama with Mike is, well, annoying and her treatment of Hopper is pretty bad. She doesn’t make the best choices and her meltdown in Season 2 was cool, but uncalled for, leaving no doubt that Jane is very much a teenage girl now. Her powers are SUPER awesome though, which puts her just about midway through my ranking.

Actress: Millie Bobby Brown

7. Nancy Wheeler

Nancy Wheeler seems to be just another girl with a pushy boyfriend and social pressures to be like the 人気 ones, and she makes plenty of mistakes, but steps up to make the right choices when it matters. Maybe this quote is もっと見る true about her than everyone originally thought “She’s not just another suburban girl who thinks she’s rebelling によって doing exactly what every other suburban girl does… until that phase passes and they marry some boring one-time jock who now works sales, and they live out a perfectly boring little life at the end of a cul-de-sac. Exactly like their parents, who they thought were so depressing, but now, hey, they get it.” Doesn’t seem to have a boring life to me.

Actress: Natalia Dyer

8. Joyce Byers

I am sympathetic to this character for what she’s been through, but just stop with the over the 上, ページのトップへ meltdowns, even if there is enough to warrant it. I like her relationship with “Bob the Brain”, which has brought out the best in her so far, which makes it too bad that won’t continue post Season 2. Maybe she and Hopper will get together in Season 3?

Actress: Winona Ryder

9. Dustin Henderson

I really liked Dustin in Season 1, but he made a few dumb choices concerning a dangerous new ‘pet’ he found in the garbage that is mysteriously growing. 全体, 全体的です he’s a funny character I enjoy. I especially liked his teaming up with Steve, making the two very unlikely allies.

Actor: Gaten Matarazzo

10. Lucas Sinclair

Lucas is underrated and good looking and I’m glad Season 2 helps him distinguish himself from the other cast members as もっと見る than just a member of the party with Dustin, Mike and Eleven and not just being an angry skeptic. Max helps with that when Lucas tries to get her as a party member. I really like Lucas and I’m excited for もっと見る character development for him in Season 3 and beyond.

Actor: Caleb McLaughlin

11. Bob Newby

Stranger Things Season 2 added a great addition in the form of one of my お気に入り actors Sean Astin who unfortunately became the Barb of Season 2. I really enjoyed what this experienced actor brought to Stranger Things, I just wish he had survived!

Actor: Sean Astin

12. Mike Wheeler

I liked Mike in Season 1 for the most part, but his stupid Eleven drama in Season 2 ruined the character and made him seem way too grown up and selfish with no valid reason to back it up. Hopefully the character improves in the coming seasons. He’s a good slow dancer and usually a good friend, but that’s about it since the Season 2 finale. Bummer.

Actor: Finn Wolfhard

13. Will Byers

My current least お気に入り of my favorites, Will Byers is a good character…But the character もっと見る served a purpose and progression of the storyline, instead of a developing and interesting character beyond the things he sees and experiences in the Upside Down. It was cool when the monster took ahold of him, but then the good character was to be feared and Will himself became unimportant. He disappeared for the whole 1st season, prompting the following events, he was put back with the writers attempting to make him look like he had always been there, but his mom is now overprotective (understandably), he’s visiting this creepy facility for issues he is experiencing and now he is kind of gone and just pushing the plot forward. I want to see one where he isn’t just driving the majority of the plot, where he becomes もっと見る fleshed out. Until then, a character with a lot of potential remains at the bottom. I want to see him as もっと見る of a weapon, instead of a totally helpless and scared boy with monsters taking advantage of him.

That concludes my list. Hope あなた enjoyed it and feel free to コメント below and share your thoughts!