The pain is unlike anything i ever felt.I felt pain before ;the loss of my mother who ive loved dearly,the hauntings of my father and his clawing,find out the father i thought i shared a blood connection wasnt real and even fights but this pain i will never be able to earse from my memories.The pain of the claws tearing deep down into my youthful flesh as white dot glittered my eyes.The bites were horriable as well;they felt like jagged rocks ramming into my skin.I suddenly felt sympathy for all the pray that i and everyone killed since it must have felt similar.My mind raced and was trying to find away out of this but it was so hard to think; i felt that the very essence of my being was leaking out of the many deep bite and claw marks that these horriable ネコ were giveing me.I was fighting back ;im not goig let them end my life so easily または id be a sorry excuse for a warrior.My panting was loud to my own ears and i could taste the blood of both me and the enemy ;though mine was もっと見る podant and the smell was over powering even the revolting smell of these barbaric attackers.I thought i was a gonner but i think i should start from a better place becuase this is something that needs abit もっと見る explaining.Hello im Mousepaw and im just a simple runaway who was naive to alot of things but this would change my life forever.I hope あなた will fallow along with my journey and that iay make あなた wiser to the fact the world is truely a.scary place.