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Hi guys, since my review on Rose Red is on the front page. Here are my thoughts on both Rose Red and the 1999 remake of the Haunting.

The Haunting

When I first watch this movie, I did not know that this a reboot of the original 1963 version. However, unlike the latter. The 1999 version is actually a bastardised version of the novel on which both the original 1963 version is base on, that's why it receive such low ratings from both the critics and ファン alike.
In this version, Hugh Crain is the main antagonist and Nell is his descendant. He killed the children once 丘, ヒル House was completed, and this movie gave me temporary nightmares about it.
However, I personally felt that the movie should at least 表示する some flashbacks so that the audience could have some ideas on how Hugh Crain became a murderer and his relationship with Nell.
But on the other hand, I could not agree もっと見る with both the ファン and the critics over why this movie sucks BIG time!

Rose Red

As I mentioned in my Rose Red review, although Horror films are not my genre, this is the only horror miniseries that I really love.
I managed to watch the final part and I have to say that I am very impressed によって it. It is actually ten times better than the 1999 reboot of the Haunting! The CGI were less and もっと見る human interactions this time, despite that there were a number of references from both the original 1963 and the 1999 remake.

Choose your Pick!

So, if あなた guys are not happy with the 1999 remake of the Haunting, I would recommend あなた guys to watch both Rose Red and the 1963 original of the Haunting.
No, not Snow White's sister.