I’m honored to be interviewed によって you! I’m Stefanie Joosten and I work as an actress and model based in Japan. I am originally from the Netherlands, but moved to 日本 about 4 years ago. I auditioned for the role of Quiet. I was contacted によって my agency about it. They told me they were looking for motion capture actors for a new video game, but they couldn’ t tell me what game it was for yet back then. Quiet has a lot of confidence in her professional skills as a soldier, but I think she also has a shy side which resembles my personality a little bit. She will only open up to someone who she truly respects and feels comfortable with. Even though she appears as a cold-hearted assassin at first, she definitely has a soft side. A lot of things were challenging about the role of Quiet, but in a fun way. Actually the facial capture sessions might have been the most challenging. During those sessions I had to look at the footage and match all my facial expressions with the movements, without moving my body. It was a bit difficult to get used to, but it really added to the realism of the game! I have always been a bit of a nerd to be honest. I have always played videogames and I loved the Pokemon and Dragonball アニメ when I was a kid. After I finished high school, I decided to learn Japanese in University. Once I stayed in 日本 for a 年 on an exchange program, my mind was set on living there, so I decided to start my career in Japan. I really enjoy living here, so I definitely don’t regret my choice! I 愛 Japanese culture in general. I 愛 the 食 and living here. Although I have watched some アニメ when I was young, I never got too deep into it. I enjoy playing videogames more. I’m working on developing myself もっと見る as an actress recently, but I’m still doing modeling work as well. I am about to release a 写真 book in 日本 which explores the widely unknown parts of Tokyo, which was mainly because I wanted to do something on a cultural level as well. To everyone, regardless of what your goals are, I would advise to always follow your dreams. I know it is a cliché thing to say, but I think living without regrets is most important.