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posted by thetacoman
I had my scythe at the ready.
I wanted to relish this forever.
The black night metamorphasised to gray twilight, and on we traveled.
Finally, we reached the shack outside of the city where I was raised.
I told the child to watch for the militia.
Ever since we blew a appartment complex to smithereenes, we had to deal with the higher security in the city.
Little did they know the true horror was about to strike.

I passed through the lawn unseen. Not even the birds stopped 歌う at my presence.
As the door fell before me, I heard a ライフル cock.
In a...
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posted by Rachel_Savaya
 This is Ferron on a typical, everyday basis. He doesn't even really have any formal wear...
This is Ferron on a typical, everyday basis. He doesn't even really have any formal wear...
Here's number two! Ferron's character bio! Enjoy!


Name: Ferron Sycor

Age: 22

Birthday: August 22nd

Species: Ferret

Height: 3'3.5"

Weight: 145lbs

Powers: earthbender. Has a フルーツ bat that can enlarge for him to ride on and wield nunchucks. (Secret power to be determined)

Key Song: "Glad あなた Came" によって the Wanted.

Song(s) to Lover: several によって Lonestar and rascal flatts.

Important Personality Traits: A stereotypical womanizer and player. Though he is very Flirty, deep down, he is longing for a feeling of love. He always was protective of Scarmine, his younger step-brother, and even though he...
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posted by AmyRoseReal
 Anna with hammer (emo)
Anna with hammer (emo)
When the ベル rang for lunch, everyone ran out the door. Anna was about to, but Ms. Saunders stopped her. "Anna," she started. Anna stood in the doorway quietly, then stood in front of her teacher's desk. "Yes Ms. Saunders?" she 発言しました sarcasticly. "Why have あなた been late for three weeks in a row, Anna? It's worrying me. あなた have never done this!" she 発言しました politely. Anna rolled her eyes and sighed. Ms. Saunders looked at her. "Is it about that Jack boy?" Anna paused in shock. "How did she know?!" Anna thought to herself. She nodded and ran out the door to lunch. Ms. Saunders smiled. "I know...
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Moxie the 狐, フォックス in Distbia

Chapter one Just the begenning

" And this why I've always say ' keep your eyes open ' ", 発言しました Harper who was again telling Floria and me another story about her working for the F.B.I , which I never really believed anayway . によって the way we just got finished with trainning .

Harper the rbbit . She was the first one I met before Floria . She was a bit anoying , no very anoying . She told me storys about her working for the F.B.I , and she still dose . She nothing but ready for anything .

Floria the cat . She was the 秒 one I met . Shes quite ,but very strong , and...
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posted by TakTheFox
To say that my lack of acknowledgement and involvement concerning Rachel has to do with her 閲覧数 would be untrue. I am sure we could go through many various categories of right and wrong, and I have at least one specific topic I could point out to cripple a part of her statement (that is unless she has rebuked it since last mentioning it), but that is not why I have no interest in having any kind of ディベート with her.

Shadowxsonicd24 (I apologize if the ユーザー名 was misspelled または misnumbered) 投稿されました on the club about a 月 前 concerning spam-comments. During this they made accusations against...
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スラッシュ Maxwell Dugidy is a 15 年 old mole. He was born in an unknown dimension, but his father and his mother, Fissure and Slit, moved to this dimension to live a もっと見る health life. スラッシュ is the middle child of 3, Trench being the oldest, and Cut being the youngest. スラッシュ went through physical training at a young age, and worked so hard he almost broke his BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- to get where his is at now. スラッシュ is a hyperactive and rowdy being. His method of fighting is what he learned in training. スラッシュ will often burrow underground to keep out of range of attacks, then launch himself out of the ground for a stealthy attack (kind of like Dig from Pokemon). His main sore for melee is those sharp his uses for digging. He has a massive crush Tervei.
 スラッシュ beside his crush.
Slash beside his crush.
posted by sonamybest357
 Ivory the hedgecat
Ivory the hedgecat
The end of the world began with a dream. I knew it was a dream because, unlike most humans and Mobians, my REM state, usually predicted the future, painful encounters, and sometimes even angry hordes of killer cows. (Long story)
    But back to the dream. The smell of corrosive flesh was prompted. Flames crackled along the base of the scraggy mountain, trapping me and my worst enemy in a towering prison of smoke and ash. The scorching heat did not bother me though; the only thing that disturbed me was my enemy. He would have disturbed anyone....
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Name: Christine Page
Nickname: Christa

Gender: Female
Birthdate: She’s never discussed which Mobius She’s from, and thus never stated her birthdate.
Age currently: 17
Age at beginning of story: 16
Age character appears to be: 17


Species: Grey bat

Primary Color (Main fur/skin): grey
Secondary Color (Mouth, chest, ect.): light grey/white

Eye-color: very dull dark blackish blue
Other Eye-details: Her eyes seem glazed with the pupils barely distinguishable from the normal eye-color.

Does character have hair?: Yes
(If so, the following)
Color of hair: Dark grey
Style of hair: She has two hairs...
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posted by Ciara-the-Gecko

Okay so here's the thing, I've seen a lot of video rants, regular rants, ウォール rants, image rants all about the same thing

Sonic ファン Character designs


We get it

Rounded, well written character - Good.

Recolour - bad

Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu - bad [whilst one could argue for years over the definition of a mary-sue since, in reality, it is simply the reader's perception of a good または bad character]

We get it. It's all just the same regurgitated shit from the last article

and the 記事 before that

and the 記事 before THAT.

Personally, I believe, if it's an idea you've come up with, go do the thing and have fun.

After all this is meant to be fun, right?

Go on, have a laugh または something.

Be creative! ovo

But not in the

don't hug me I'm scared way

that's the wrong way to be creative.
Have あなた ever looked at a character in a franchise, and just thought “What are they wearing? HOW WILL THAT PROTECT THEM!?”? Well that’s what this about. The skin tight suits, the bikini “armor”, the dresses and tuxedos that never seem to get torn.

~It’s fiction/TV/A Video Game, It doesn’t have to be realistic!
All of these have tried, and continue to try to be realistic in the past and present, and strive to be so in the future. They take time to make sure that the lens on a gun reflects light perfectly, または that people’s breathing looks normal, または that hair sways correctly,...
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 Boots with Asylum Straps
Boots with Asylum Straps
this is all the info on my characters that maybe isn't clear from the pictures i i'll 一覧 it here (Note: this does NOT include any background info. that's a compleatly different story)
Dark Blade (Hedgehog)
Fashion Sense: Pt. 1; Clothes
he has a punk style and always wares leather combat boots, usually with Asylum Straps and some sort of metal in places (like studs または a metal skull) his pants usually have visible stitches and multiple colors, some call them patch pants. he never wares a シャツ but always has a ジャケット on. from time 2 time he wares different gloves depending on how he...
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Ok Storm,the uh heroine(?) of this story has entered the forest of. Strangeness(not real name just called that),let's see who she meets XD

(I'll message if a oc of your is used)

I walk through the woods 歌う 火災, 火 によって 2NE1 thinking about choclate cake when I see a person playing the bag pipes.Even to me,storm,that is strange so i walk over even though I have no idea if the person is dangerous または not"hello strange person with bagpipes!"

"well hello"says then blows the bag pipes,stomps their feet to the beat of poker face によって lady gaga on the pipes.

"uh why あなた here!?"I say cause now I think of...
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If あなた wish to enter the contest, take this as an example of a one-on-one battle-
Diabo raised his rapier to his face.
The face of what he presumed was Nimean pride.
The face that stood behind many a blow, to strange and kin alike.
The face that’s only betrayal of its holder’s emotion was a diabolical smirk.
“En guard, Liar,” Diabo 発言しました playfully, if not with aristocratic malice, to his opponent.
“Alleuz, Trickster,” replied Jacob, hearing the definition of his name for the first time in a while.
Diabo raised the sharp-bladed war maker to the height of his hair, half of which had been...
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1st note: This will be explained in english & french.



-How to get Adobe Photoshop for Free-

NOTE: for video, click here: link

#1: Okay, First, あなた click on here:
This is the link to Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended. *This is the version i have*
#2: Click on regular download, But wait until the timer on the regular download button is done before...
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AN: Ok, so this is WAY back in the 日 when Bellz-E was still living under the Three Kings (Well... The first two were killed によって the last...) and her name was still Bella. She was still bold... and blasphemous. XD

I'm taking over, 
あなた plainly see,
I'll set all,
Of the innocents free.

I'll kill your guards,
Knock down a tree, 
I'll destroy your kingdom,
Filled with glee.

Your tirade ends, 
And あなた must know,
That I have sank,
To an all new low.

This shit I see,
Maybe it's true,
But I will not bow,
To the likes of YOU.

Do あなた feel sorrow?
Do あなた feel pain?
Do regret all of your choices,
Once it starts to rain.

あなた treat them like slaves,
All those townsfolk,
あなた must have thought,
It was just a cruel joke.

All this shit,
I know it's true,
So I will not bow,
To the likes of YOU.
posted by beepboop
(Rex had just woken up)
Rex:(yawns)Im so tired...
Rex:What is it Kix?
Kix:This morning I heard a loud noise coming from the forest!
Rex:Lets go but we need help.Let's go get Shade,Stephanie,and Rihanna
(Rex and Kix run to the houses)
Shade:What's up Rex?
Rex:Kix 発言しました she heard a loud noise come from the forest this morning.
Shade:Okay let's go!
(Rex and Shade go to the forest)
Stephanie:What is it Kix?You know I dont like to be up in the morning.
Kix:I heard a loud noise come from the forest.
Stephanie:Let's go get リアーナ and then go to the forest!
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posted by BunnyLovley
 Areil The Bunny
Areil The Bunny
Areil walked up the steps of a ランダム building. She read the sigh at the door way. She sighed. "I don't need school." she 発言しました and turned back around. "Hi there I'm Anutum-May!" 発言しました a voice behind. Ariel looked at her though the sides of her eyes. "I should care why?" The girl laughed. "Oh you're so funny!" "I was being funny?" Areil looked at this Anutum-May person. She appeared to be a fox. She had red hair, four hairs hanging in the front, two curlly hairs, one on each side of her head, Short spikey hair in the back, all toped によって short ponytail. She wore a poor looking white T-shirt and...
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posted by L4D_L4D2Fanatic

First start out with the mouth and the eyes nothing special then add the hair his hair style is a metal sonic and from the back of his head 2 green wavy lines go around his head and stop 3 centimeters away from each other and from the eyes.His pupils are army green and the wavy lines are also green but his color is Goldenrod.

His chest marking is a スーパーマン shape but no S and spikes curving up from the sides.Draw the arms and the legs in his right hand put a pistol または some kind of gun(Optional)And his shoe デザイン is at the front of it is his chest symbol.When あなた have read this(Once または more)enter my contest in the 回答 section and I will judge and vote when the contest ends.Contest will end March 20 and please post your entrie on
posted by NickleBackFan
Bullet and Bloosom stood stunned as Maiyumi went back into the shack. Dark 火災, 火 was smileing. "oh what is the big deal あなた beat her once あなた can beat her again." she said. Bloosom looked down. "i am sorry ii lied." she mutted. "sorry didn't catch that?" 発言しました Carter. "I LIED! that wasn't the first time Maiyumi was beaten in a fight!" Bullet arched and eyebrow. "ok so?" he asked. She began the stroy of when she was first beaten. When Maiyumi was younger her father pushed her too hard to be a great fighter. She never won agasint him. one 日 he pushed her a little too hard and in the 秒 round...
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posted by TheDarkEmpire
What is a recolorer? A recolorer is a person who takes a picture from a Sonic the Hedgehog game または テレビ 表示する and makes it into their own boring ファン character. A ファン character, によって the way, is a character made によって a fan, both the original artists and recolorers. The fact of the matter is recolorers are lame, uncreative art thieves that have no business on the internet at all. Or, at least, that is what I thought. The real truth is that recolorers, for lack of a better term, are harmless, very creative, and probably one of the most misunderstood art forms in the world. I intend to prove...
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