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posted by shadowsis98
Sonya : Full Name : Olivia 'sonya' De' Maurina
Age : 16
Personality : Happy-go-lucky,strong headed,determine,and a bit spoil
Appearance : Short light silver blue hair,emerald eyes,pink lips,sakura white skin,pierced ears.(dress? あなた just imagine it)

Ummul : Ummul Aimin Saifullizan
Age : 16 (two months older than sonya)
Personality : mature,serious,mysterious,a bit hot tempered,determine and have a soft spot for her friend,sonya.
Appearance : Dark raven hair with オレンジ mix red streak on a single bang,emotionless...
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Imma start right away, so here goes. And don't be sad または anything if your character isn't in the list. No hate, please? Thanks.

5. Espona (Tooootie)
I found Espona rather.... interesting. I also like her character design. Simple but unique (Does that make sense? XD).

4. Kyle (mephiles97)
I remember the old RP with this guy. He's not half bad :). I'm interested in his abilities. That funny hair style up front catches my attention a lot.

3. Rynk (TakTheFox)
Of course. Need I say more?

2. Soda (MephilesTheDark)
Boss. God. Club Elder. Same explanation with Rynk.

1. Aqua the Echidna (CyberEchidna)
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posted by TakTheFox
On this club, one of the biggest things people try to do is get noticed. We all want to 表示する our stories, our art, our ideas, etc. Most of the time, people will pay the most attention to the art, または the roleplays. It is not very often that people will read other people’s fanfictions.

So why is this? Here’s a 一覧 of reasons why people don’t read them, and reasons why people can get upset.
1.    Laziness. I think this is the largest. Now this branches off into a few other categories, but laziness is the big generalization of the bunch. People can either have problems...
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posted by NoctusLynx
So, as many of あなた could tell, (or rather those who noticed) I’ve been gone for quite the while… mostly it was just me making フレンズ on フェイスブック and such. And I learned couple of other things while there. Such as, friendship and how フレンズ should handle each other… Yep. It’s about damn time I learnt that.

But apart from that, I’ve been caught in several sticky situations I just feel like giving out. These really did happen; I’m not even joking with these.


So, I was 書く in my Spanish class, but 書く about something that had nothing to do with Spanish class. However, something...
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1. Your first FC ever?
2. Do あなた have a personal favourite among your FCs?
3. Have あなた ever adopted a character または gotten a character from someone else?
4. A character あなた rarely talk about?
5. If あなた could make only one of your FCs popular/known, who would it be?
6. Two FCs of yours that look alike despite not being related?
7. Would あなた ever be willing to give any of your FCs to someone else?
8. Introduce an FC with a complicated design?
9. Is there any FC of yours あなた could describe as a "sunshine"?
10. Name an FC that isn't yours but who あなた like a lot
11. Do あなた have any troublemaker FCs?
12. Introduce...
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posted by TakTheFox
I’ve been around the country a few times. Once I went with a group, the other times I was just travel alone. One of the places I found myself revisiting was the canyon of TansfR Hol. TansfR Hol is a large square. It has オレンジ glass for its floor and walls, with a magma lake surrounding it, and outside of that a large body of water. It’s mostly used for dance and special occasions, and almost always at night, when everything glimmer.

Below the Hol is the square canyon. It was an actual canyon once, but it was decided that it would be fashioned into a square to better fit the Hol when the...
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posted by Light-Of-Days
(I found these in my English Notebook, so I took all the Sonic Related ones and posting it here. I wrote each short story to a song until it finished. So they're mostly random.)

DRABBLE ONE- Victory Cake.
Song- メリダとおそろしの森 Boy-Jubyphonic

Licking the frosted ナイフ as it parted from the cake, Donny stood in the キッチン preparing a cake. Conner Would be ホーム in a few minutes, so he thought he'd make the rabbit a cake for staying up late to study for his math test the 次 day. Looking into the fridge, he glanced at the leftovers from the night before. There always seemed to be so much leftovers, seeing...
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posted by AceRider
 ファンポップ Version
Fanpop Version
Olivia Rachael Meichick is a 17 年 old echidna girl born on Icarus Island. Her tribe died during a time of war, leaving her and her family the last of that echidna tribe. When she got older, Olivia decided she wanted to become a mercenary for her job at G.U.N. She has a record of 53 missions she has done successfully, and only 2 missions she has fail. Her mother, Trish, was a agent for 20 years and taught her everything she needs to know about what field she is currently in.

Olivia is a joyful, calm, and somewhat of a goof of a girl. She often flirts, and bothers any boy she likes. Olivia loves to collect stuffed animals. She hates people who back stab.

Olivia a no only superb at hand to hand combat, but also a great marks-woman. She main sticks with スマック and Dizzy, two modified pistols.
 DeviantART exclusive
DeviantART exclusive
Storm (volt in the future): energy dark red / purple
appearance: a black 狼, オオカミ with red accents with a scar over his right arm with longish hair and some over one eye that frizzes
clothes: a sleeveless ジャケット with the 襟, 首輪 flared up and two energy gauntlets on each hand glowing with a power symbol. also wearing beaten black boots that spark with energy each step.
plasma shape: can shape plasma into hands with claws, bolts, and other thing they can be solid または electric
plasma Storm: can turn into a form very similar to cyan laser but doesn't have to 移動する constantly and can shoot...
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posted by unknown99
Born in the City of Fire, he is raised as a tough child. He suffer from domestic violence and managed to escape his own city. He then joined the Andromedian pyrokinetic academy. Which he met a lot of other people enhancing their abilities. He went to his dormitory with 3 other people sleeping in the same room. They are Grey, Joey and Amethyst (male). He was mostly quiet and do not talk to others. the same like grey who was spending most of his time working on his homework. When the time of the exam comes, their abilities were tested in the arena which they have to fight their way through with...
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posted by unknown99
Grey the Hedgehog is the best character I ever created based on Joey the Hedgehog, he has a dark past. He was born in a catastrophe. Shouting for help for over 4 years, some rescue team succeeded to secure Grey the Hedgehog in the Andromedian academy. With only 2 years of training, he became enable to teleport, attack, and defend himself. Different from Joey, his powers are darkness, which can be used on all elements based on dark powers. His face is mostly emotionless, and that made him very hard to tell what he was thinking. Being the best student in the academy he still never smile nor talk...
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posted by TakTheFox
This is just a little something to help people who ask for drawing requests get what they want.



Height (Go through Small, Medium Small, Medium, Medium Tall, Small Tall, Tall, Really Tall)

Eye Color:

Hair Color(s) (If any):

毛皮 Color(s), which parts have which color:







Accessories (gun, jewelry, etc.):

Suggested pose:

Facial expression:

Draw または describe anything あなた wish to be drawn in a specific way:

Image of character if possible:
So over a while I’ve rped and gotten to know quite a few Sonic ファン Characters, and I 愛 a lot of them, but which ones do I like the best? Well let’s go over some stuff first.

There were a lot of characters to go through. Your characters aren’t bad because they aren’t on this list. YES this does mean that I liked these characters more, and I won’t deny it, but here’s some reasons why.
~I have known most of these characters for a VERY long time, which allowed them to make a large impact on characters of mine, and how much I enjoyed them. I have met other characters recently, but I’m...
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posted by TakTheFox

Species: Second-State-Offspring Identity Takris-Snow-Leopard.
Mening: His Grandmother was an Identity. His Grandfather was a Takris. His father was a Snow-Leopard. His mother was a Dracat-Offspring-Identity.

1.    Identity: He has very little amounts of Identity traits. He cannot control Chaos Energy naturally, he cannot control または consume Nanites, and he cannot morph. He can regenerate quicker than normal, which includes limbs, and can change his age.
2.    Takris: He can use magic, and has core-aura (the same thing that Dimension 4 has), which...
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posted by SaraTheDog
 Sara gets ready to leave.
Sara gets ready to leave.
I must have been asleep.Because I had the dream I've had since I was little.I felt...lost.Every time a go to sleep または take a nap I have a dream about a man and a woman married...And they kept telling me that I was their child.But it wasn't my mom または dad and so today I'm visiting my mom and dad.And after all these years...I will finally say "Am I your real daughter?" I need to know now.Cam was knocking my door so I opened it."Hey Sara!Ready to start heading to your parents?" Cam must really want to see my parents because he's my boyfriend.Something he always wanted to be."Let me get dressed first Cam." I closed the door and got ready to go."Let's go Cam."And as I 発言しました that he was the happiest boy alive.And we took off so I can finally know if they are my birth parents, but Cam dosen't know I'm going to ask them that.Best he dosen't until I do ask.And this, little did I know, will change my life forever.
posted by AceRider
Juri Kikku Loamei is a 17 年 old orchid dragon from Central Dragon Raw. Kikku is known as the Bone Cracker, because her kicks can break BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- if she swings hard enough. Some say that Kikku's kicks are so strong, it can collapse an entire building to the first level. Kikku started out on her adventure around the world to find anyone who would challenge her to a fight. Kikku is very emotional, and gets upset when someone spreads rumors about her. She also very strong in willpower, fun, cute, and plays a lot of video games. Not only is she highly skilled in taekwondo, Kikku is very flexible, and can bend in every direction.
 Kikku kicking a monster
Kikku kicking a monster
Chapter 17: Freedom City's Wrath
Part 2: The Shocking Truth

Dokuro's secret is out--he isn't the true Malice. After he sent his skeleton army after th­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­em, they ran for it. Whirlwind fired off an air sphere at some of the skeleton's, and they broke apart. But a bunch もっと見る kept coming for them, armed with swords.
"I don't think both of us can fight them all off, Whirl! We need to find Duji....and fast!"
Whirlwind agreed and kept on running away from the skeleton arm ay. Whirlwind grabed Jackson's hand and flew off deeper into the city. Whirlwind looked down at Jackson...
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posted by Agent-004
Name: Julizza Colt

Pronunciation: Jewel-e-zah Coal-t

Nickname(s): Juli, Blueberry, Jewel

Age: 33

D.O.B: August 29, 1980

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Gender: Female

Species: Desert Fox

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Marital Status: Marrried

Nationality: Italian

Religion: Christian

Morality Alliance: Chaotic Good

Threat Level: High


Most Outstanding/Distinguishing Feature: Her tails

Height: 5'1ft

Weight: 106lbs

Body Type: Slim

Hair Color and Style: Long, straight dark red hair that goes down to her bum

Eye Color: Bright green

Fur Color: dark blue with accents of black

Markings/Scars: She has a black flame marking...
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posted by ShadowFan100
Character Chart
Character's full name: Davis Jackson King
Reason または meaning of name: Well, none for his first name. But his middle name came from his great grabdfather, Jackson
Character's nickname: Davey (but he doesn't like it)
Reason for nickname: It's cute
Birth date: September 10th 2030
Theme: Calling All The Monsters によって China Ann McClain

Physical appearance
Age: 13
How old does he/she appear: same age
Weight: 40 pounds
Height: 2ft
Body build: Slim bot not TOO skinny
Shape of face: n/a.
Eye color: Green
Glasses または contacts: None
Skin tone: Tan (his hands, feet and mouth)
Predominant features:
Type of hair:...
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posted by ShadowFan100
Character Chart
Character's full name: Razor Rex
Reason または meaning of name: Due to his powers--razor blades
Character's nickname: None
Reason for nickname: None
Birth date: The 日付 is unknown but the 年 he was born is: 999997977 BC (No, seriously, I used a calculator to be sure I got this right)
Powers: Razor blades (meaning, he is able to form sharp razor blades from his bones, through his body to use as weapons to fight または defend himself with)
Theme: None

Physical appearance
Age: 9,999,999,990 now (1,000,000,018 when he reawakens in Shock's last Saga. And again, I had to check to make sure his...
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