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So the small city-like village of Crystal city was in a bind,with the greedy tyrant Bubba closing in to take all the folks prisoner,the people of Crystal city worked like clockwork to retrieve the gems from the caverns in order to pay off the bill.However all the gems were incinerated due to the heat surrounding the smoldering remains of MTL's pod,The villagers quickly gathered everything and brought it to Bubba,however it didn't meet the proper amount,Angered によって this,Bubba shouted "Cheapskates!I was generous enough to give あなた vermin the タイトル of this land and あなた try to trick me out of it!?You fools only have one もっと見る 日 before I take over,Do it right または it's a lifetime in the dungeon where rats will eat eye out of your bloody eye sockets!" Sometime later,MTL was observing the villagers,they seemed like they all ロスト hope.Everybody blamed the mayor.MTL,Not knowing much of his past but knows he is responsible for this decided to go out and confront bubba,So the 次 night during the short time Sarah and her family was asleep,MTL sneaked out the window and shimmied down some overgrown weeds on the ウォール of the house,he ran across the yard...of course seeing his small stature it took a bit to get across.MTL need a way to go faster...but he couldn't go far on foot.He then thought to himself how he would even fight Bubba,he has no weapons on him and was basically he was helpless,but he really want to help the people of crystal city...But as fate would had it,a giant foot step passed was Loch of all people!Loch was apparently on the same mission:to Stop Bubba.However Loch was a bit of a cowardly type.

MTL snagged onto Loch's boot without alerting him,He stayed quiet.Loch didn't appear to notice MTL and continued to walk to Bubba's castle,grasping his crafted pickaxe with sharpened tips on each side.As the two strolled across the wonderful night like homely atmosphere of crystal city,the two came across Bubba's fort.It was a large dark 城 with towers surrounding it,each with a gargoyle placed neatly on top.There were also plenty of flags,each with a odd symbol on it.The symbol was a サークル, 円 with a diamond shape inside that appear to have an angry if it represented something.So loch sneaked into the fortress dodging Bubba's various armed guards and eventually making it to the 上, ページのトップへ of the fortress,where he has a neatly lined up thrown,carpet,and curtains.Sitting behind his thrown where chests of the cities' gems.Sitting upon the thrown was Bubba himself,he appears to be asleep...He is a giant muscular panda bear,he was wearing a suit and had a 上, ページのトップへ hat to match.Loch was a bit terrified によって Bubba,suddenly he looked down and saw MTL clinging to his boot...He freaked out and kicked MTL off though he woke up Bubba.Alerting the intruder Bubba pounced out of his chair and grabbed Loch によって his scarf,Loch began screaming and panicking followed によって dropping his pickaxe.MTL quickly ran to it and grabbed it...however it was kinda heavy for him,Especially in his watch form seeing the motors that serve as the "Arm muscle" inside his robotic limbs could only support so much weight.He quickly slammed the pickaxe down on Bubba's gentlemen loathers!Loch manage to slip out of Bubba's hold,He grabbed the pickaxe from MTL and swung it at Bubba.Enraged,Bubba punted MTL down a staircase.Rapidly swinging his pickaxe while keeping he's eyes shut in fear,Loch eventually got Bubba bleeding.Bubba picked up Loch and punched him square in the face,Knocking him out cold and causing him to drop his pickaxe.MTL got up and sparked a bit,suddenly he felt an odd energy emerge upon him.He began to release energy,the energy built a silhouette of a feline-like figure,He levitated up and wrapped around the area of the silhouette where the wrist would be,revealing his true form.Feeling taller he got up and ran up the stairs,Bubba shouted "Hey!where did あなた come from!It doesn't matter,I can always salvage あなた and your friend's body parts at the black market." MTL ran up and attempted パンチ Bubba in the stomach,Knocking Bubba back to a wall.

MTL was unaware of what just happened,he feels strangely もっと見る powerful,but doesn't know how to use this power...relying on his newly found strength and stature,he picked up Loch's pickaxe and charge at the money grubbing thief.Loch quickly came to and saw the strange lynx fight Bubba,Loch tried to get up...however he broke his leg.He then noticed the strange machine he found in the caverns was wrapped around the lynx's wrist.MTL and Bubba duke it out til sunrise,Pulling a cheap shot,Bubba tripped MTL and snatched the pickaxe,throwing it out the window and MTL all of a sudden powered down,reverting back to his watch form.Bubba smirked and grabbed MTL,crushing him between his hands.However Bubba felt something hard and solid hit him in the back of the was brick.It appear Loch tossed the brick at Bubba.the force of the brick shattered Bubba's once thick skull,His brain also took damage from it causing him to die before even hitting the ground.When Bubba hit the ground,he shook the floor a bit knocking a candle over causing a fire.Loch was about to flee,but then he remember how MTL kindly defended him,He quickly ran in and pried MTL from bubba meaty claw then fled.

Shortly after escaping Bubba's fort,it slowly burned to the ground.MTL and Loch watch as everything slowly burns to ash.They both saved the crystal city however they took somebodies' life in the progress.Loch 発言しました "O-oh,I h-haven't got a chance to catch your name." MTL 発言しました "My name is Matt." Loch cheerfully replied "Pleasure to meet you,My name is Loch." So MTL befriend the semi-cowardly son of the mayor,Loch.what could possibly happen next?

To be continued...
Honestly, it's just things that I've noticed that bother me too much to let them sit.

I. Role-Playing.
A). Actions.
When あなた designate an action for your character, it must take place *within two asterisks*, --or something else like it--. There does not need to be a period after the asterisks unless the Role-Play is narrative-driven.
Also, separate actions need to take place between the two asterisks with a semicolon connecting them; *[Subject] does 'X'**And also 'X'* just looks sloppy, and a semicolon can clean up anything if used correctly.
B). Character Sheets.
Let me preach.
Character sheets are...
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Gizbin: I'm so sorry, my love...*holds Mercury's body close*
Jojo: *running through a forest fast, tears blow through the wind* WHY?!*coughs and trips over into some urging mud...*
Jojo: urh....*tries to get up but he can't*
Gizbin: *lays down Mercury's body* Goodbye Mercury...*gets up*
Jojo: Argh.....*shakes* I can't bare this...Anymore...
Gizbin: *teleports back to the castle* JOJO?! SON?!....*there is a silence* Oh no...
Jojo: *On hands and knees, shaking* I'm...*coughs hard*
Gizbin: * gets on a horse and rides out of the castle*
Jojo: *coughs louder, clenches onto his chest with one hand*
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Jojo: *running through the forest*......*comes to a point and stops*.....Mom?.....Is...She gone...?

Gizbin: *appears beside him*

Jojo: Father!

Gizbin: *grabs him*

Jojo: Ahh! *teleports and appears beside Mercury's body* ....Mom?.....Mom?! *bends down beside her and feels for a pulse*

Jojo: .......Oh mom...*cries*

Gizbin: *appears 次 to her again*

Jojo: Father no!

Gizbin: Your next....*growls*

Jojo: Please Father! no!

Gizbin: Yes! *grabs Jojo*

Jojo: AHHHH!!!!*screams*

To be continued..
posted by GraceTheFox
Mobius Academy Chapter Two

It was the 次 day, and Grace had already found something to do. Break the school-rules. During gym a boy that she knew as “Slice” seemed to be either high, または just plain stupid.

Grace was about to go try out the バレーボール fun when he walked up… and let out the contents of what reminded her of Rynk’s portrait all over her stomach down. Usually one would apologize, または just collapse. But he just laughed then ran off, as he began to feel another one coming.

Personally Grace wouldn’t have cared whether it was on purpose または not. He was going to get hurt. So...
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Mobius Academy プレビュー chapter for contest

Chapter one

Dear parent(s) または guardian(s), your child has been accepted to the high learnings of “Mobius Academy”, a wonderful landscape far away from detractions but close enough to a good size town for him/her to relax on weekends as well as state of the art dorm room, which he/she has the ability to choose roommates for if they wish to. so please fill out the sign-up sheet on the 次 page and send it back for your child to come and learn at Mobius Academy.

Thank you,
from the Dean of Mobius Academy.

A conflict of thoughts went through the female...
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posted by night-vamphog
After five months of being at the base and training like he had done before he get sent on a plane to go the Egypt. The plane ride is very long. Takes almost a 日 to get there.
    By the time they get there and get to the base it is already three in the morning. ''Wow. Egypt. I haven't been back here in years. Changed a lot too.''
    ''Its because of the war smart one,'' Dally with right along with him. ''But don't think your going to be going off trying to find old friends.''
    ''I know better then that. Besides I didn't live in...
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posted by night-vamphog
Later that 日 Aldinach and Night start to get ready. ''Hey Ravage!'' Night yells up from the basement. ''Call your friend and tell him to get ready!''
    ''Okay mom!'' Ravage calls his friend and tells him to get ready and that they shall be there soon. ''So I'm guessing that we're picking him up?'' he goes downstairs.
    ''Yeah. We're just going with that あなた won some contest または what ever and got to ride with us if he asks. Just tell us where his house is and あなた can go in and get him,'' Aldinach says.
    ''You guys ready!'' they...
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posted by sparkyhedgehog
"our son is a freak!" screamed the queen. "why does this have to happen to us?!" the king did not respond. "what do we do, dear?!" the クイーン shouted out with anger. the king then responded, "don't let him find out about his powers.......never tell anyone,"

(ten years later)

throughout the 年 the prince, now named "sparky" went to the woods to explore. his parents always told him that it was not how a prince should behave. sparky ignored that. on one certain trip though.......things happened. sparky tried to run as fast as he could.....

"no one can ever keep up with me!" sparky yelled at his...
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posted by numnumyellow67
Stranded in open 宇宙 inside an escape pod, Serios is thinking. Where could Mugen be?
"I haven't seen her in six years" she 発言しました to herself.
"Where in this huge galaxy could she be? あなた know, considering she is still in this dimension".
Serios and Mugen only met one time when they we're little. Serios was only six, and Mugen was four. They liked each other enough, but haven't seen each other since. Because she was buried in her own thoughts, she almost had a ハート, 心 attack when the alarm went off.
"Mobius? I remember that...
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posted by TheGoodBoy
"Now what are your ladies names?" asked Zudorio.
Verdigo was still holding his hand. Horizon whimpered. She let go of his hand. "How do we know you're not helping the Insanians?" Verdigo 発言しました frightened によって this odd クロス dressing boy.
"If I was on their side, would I have killed one and helped to unknown girls?" he asked. Verdigo didn't answer. She could tell he was trying to make fun of her. She gridded her teeth. Horizon sniffled. "I'll take that as a no" he 発言しました snickering. Zudorio grabbed Verdigo's hand. "Now come. I shall take あなた to my mansion."
"No! Wait!" She 発言しました pulled her hand away....
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posted by steve-the-dog
Kyle slowly started to make his way to the band room. he saw Louts playing her game out side the room.
'What is she playing? Pokemon? Isn't that a child's game? What a dork.' he then walked into the band room. he saw people playing with there instruments.
Shock was playing with the tenor saxophone. He played the C scale and then saw Kyle. He stared at him for a while.
'Is he staring at my legs? .' He then walked over to him. 'Oh shit.'
"Hi. My name is Shock. What is yours?"
Kyle noticed he was still staring at his legs "Kyle"
"Kyle, that's a nice name. I never noticed how nice that name is."
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posted by steve-the-dog
Kyle parked his car in the parking lot. 'Gees it smells like smoke around here.' he thought 'What the hell is that smell?' he looked around and saw a big dumpster. Behind it were three guys smoking weed. One off them had long spiky hair. 'That explains it. What kind off a school is this? I wouldn't be shocked to see people making out here.'
Kyle then left the parking lot. he then walked over to the front of the school. he read a sign that 発言しました "Dragon High: Were futures are made." 'Futures off what, Psycho killers?' he then walked into the hall way. There she saw a sign that some one made saying...
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posted by Caloria
Her eyes twinkled with excitement.
She was looking at a boy that the group found laying on the beach, unconscious and clutching a small chest-thing in his hand. "What do あなた think he's like?" She asked a boy that was with her. He has the same jet black hair as she, along with the same pale blue eyes. He shook his head doubtfully.
"Hopefully nothing like Lee." Another boy -blond with gray fur, somewhere around 10 to 11, and a scar on his right eye- smacked the other boy upside the head. "Not funny, Zavier." The boy -Lee- remarked.
Another male -green fur, with 栗 brown hair, around 12-...
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posted by shadowknuxgirl
I look in the mirror
And I see evil
But it doesn't scare me
It's who I am
It's what courses through my metallic veins
I guess this is me
And it always will be
The moon is my best friend
It shows up every night to listen to what I have to say
I feel I can tell it anything
But one night it left....
Did it not like me anymore?
Was I a nuisance?
An annoyance?
Did I do something wrong?
I thought I might never see the white stone I had come to 愛 ever again
But it was ok
For the 次 night, it came back
And listened to everything I...
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The 次 morning was dark and rainy.
I got up out my ベッド and stretched. I got a big smile on my face and put a crown on my head that read "birthday boy."
I was expecting tons of visitors, but only one came. I heard knocking on my door. I opened it up to see who it was.
With a sad face, I walked up to the door and opened it. It was that one Chris the Mechahog guy. He was holding a present and he was smiling. I sighed.
"Hi!" He shouted. He handed me a present and brought in a cake. "How's your birthday been?" He asked.
"Crappy," I said. "I was expecting a lot of people and もっと見る presents."
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Name: Andrealy Lacy King
Species: Hedgehog/Wolf/Dog/Chameleon
parents: UNKNOWN
Height: 4"6
Weight: 93 pd.
siblings: Duji Chanler King,Justin Lancelot King Kori King.
*Fun facts*
1. Do not ask about her red ear
2.She has 17 kids
3.She loves coffee,cookies,and raviolii her andrea
5.she's color blind
6.she wears glasses to help her see colors
7.She is cousin to shadow the hedgehog
8.She is married to Twister the fox
9.She is the goddess of wolves
10.she has some kind of asthma
11.she has autism*rarely notice*
so most of u didnt see this i think so yeah コメント if u like
his hair Colors(色) changes black and white every second

Story :
as a child raised in a merc camp ロスト his many フレンズ there earned the タイトル ''prince of all mercs''
killed his 1st 愛 to save the world
once hired to kill a levinder cat soon stops this mission helping the cat save 2 univesces

u will see it in the link

also written in the link

everything else is written in the link

My 1st Sonic ファン character.
Name : Copy the hedgehog ( the
mercenary )
Job : Mercenary
Loves : Blaze, Flare (becuz of never
agement curse after turning...
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I jumped up and gasped. I was in my bed. It was a dream. "Freaky dream," I 発言しました to myself. it was only 10:58 AM, and I was sleeping. I jumped out of my tree.
I wondered if that masked man with the honey 狸, アナグマ face had been doing anything crazy または senseless. Of course, I couldn't assume that he actually had a honey 狸, アナグマ face, because that was a dream. I flew over a cemetery, then stopped. I flew down.
In front of one of a tomb stone that said, "Chris the Mechahog 2011-2011", There was a big hole in the ground. I had not the slightest idea of wh0 he was. I then saw a rustle in a bush. I ran...
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[[Continuing really old story.]]

As the cheery-ish sun rose to greet the world again, the cars zoomed によって in a hurry, ignoring the streets-people that need thier help. The box I was sleeping in had gotten soggy from fall's late thunderstorm with rain. And my grey 毛皮 had gotten soaked, and dripped the dirty rain water. My pale ピンク eyes looked up at the city sky, glistening with sadness. But some hope that someone would help me. Anyone in fact. As long as I got out of this terrible life I am living.
I hated the rich, they always think "We got it harder than those hobos." No, just take a look...
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ONE 時 LATER... Chris ran away, trying to find his house, forgetting that he didn't have one. He stopped, then realized that he didn't have a house. He had to think quick. He started to dig a hole with his hands. Luckily, the ground was soft so he got pretty far によって about two minutes. He crawled down the hole and rolled up in a ball. MEANWHILE, AT A CRAZY GREEN HEDGEHOG WITH MAGENTA STRIPES AND A MAGENTA ジャケット PLOTTING THE DESTRUCTION OF MOBIUS... A green hedgehog was watching TV. "What?!" He shouted. "What happened?" A red 狐, フォックス with four tails said. On the screen, they showed all of the zones,...
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