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 .:. sonadow(ソニック&シャドウ) アニメーション .:.
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shadow: あなた didnt answer me あなた fucking asshole. were is my sonikku?

scourge: "your sonikku"? hes mine. all mine.

shadow: where the fuck is he?

scourge: hes at my house. being guarded によって luna.

shadow: あなた sick bastard, alright thats it im gonna rip out your throat if あなた did anythng to him at all!!

{shadow teleports to scourges house}

shadow: .......

luna: zzzzzzz

shadow: {some guard.}

shadow then goes into a room were sonic is.

sonic :shadow-
shadow: shhh. ive come here to rescue you..... then fuck あなた afterwards.

sonic: oh your so sweet.... im sorry for what i 発言しました before,..... can あなた forgive me?

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