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 Classic Sonic & Shadow c:
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sonic was sat in his king size nest bed
made out of big stone emeralds
sonic 移動する to ever green 丘, ヒル zone that morning
after egg man add destroy his house
tails at the time 移動する to angle I land
sonic pack all his things into boxes
time sonic finish putting is things a way
sonic add some 食 he pack
sonic build his own キッチン living room hall
game room with HD smart TV on the ウォール
1 xbox360 xbox xbox1 ps1-2--3-4
there was 2 nest like chairs
2 game cube PSP 任天堂 MINI WII
WII U 2ds 3ds 3d XEL games mix together
into 1 GAMEING platform
each room big
a medical room with lab
sonic bedroom add a HD smart TV on the wall
sonic build a on sweet onto his bedroom
a WATERFULL swimming pool
hot spring シャワー bath big for 2 または more
sonic found a dark blue journal project sonic on the cover sonic was shock a bit
end of part 1
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WARNING MALE X.MALE Dont Flag This Cause I Freaken Warned U!-.-
not 4 little kids be ready when u see this Cause u can never go back
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