Sleepy Hollow (TV Series) Sleepy Hollow - 1.06 - The Sin Eater - Best Scene?

Pick one:
Abby teaches Ichabod the fine art of heckling baseball umpires
Katrina speaks to Abby through a trance
Abbie talks to Captain Irving about the Headless Horseman coming back
Flashback- Ichabod is tasked with the interrogation of Arthur Bernard
Abbie and her sister are working together to find this 'sin eater'
Flashback- Ichabod pleads with Arthur Bernard to just give him the information
Flashback-Ichabod works as a guard at a hanging and sees the demon in Tarleton
FB - Ichabod and Katrina meet; Ichabod admits to seeing a demon;
Abbie and Jenny go to Hartford to meet with the Sin Eater
FB -Ichabod lets Cicero go but Tarleton shoots him anyway
Abbie talks about the Sin Eater and refuses to leave and Ichabod drinks the poiso
The Sin Eater turns into Cicero, who tells Ichabod to give up his guilt
Ichabod's blood separates from Headless Horseman
The Headless Horseman finds where Ichabod was buried and they all vow to be ready
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