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 Skulduggery Pleasant Birthday Cake! :O
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This Skulduggery Pleasant 写真 might contain 三脚ともえ紋, triskele, トリスケリオン, トリスケル, 三つ巴, トリスケレ, and 赤キャベツ.

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Valkyrie and Xena left the hut to see Skulduggery standing there. Hands behind his back, his fake face looking very serious.
Skulduggery: (sternly) Valkyrie Cain
Valkyrie: (sternly) Skulduggery Pleasant
Both smiled and ran at each other and hugged, Skulduggery picked her up and spun her around. After a few spins, he put her down
Skulduggery: I've missed you, partner
Valkyrie: right back at ya
Skulduggery then turned his attention to Xena and knelled down
Skulduggery: and who is this?
Valkyrie: that's Xena
Skulduggery: (patting Xena's head) hello Xena
Xena: *bark, bark*
Skulduggery got back on his feet...
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