Changing Yesterday によって Rainyn Dawn
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Summary: Verus Fatum: True Destiny. Hermione must face her true destiny when in the wake of war a mysterious object pulls her through time. There she must sacrifice all to save those she loves most.
Length: 52 chapters - COMPLETED
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Part 3: link

Necessary によって the Order によって LadySeradeReturns
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Summary: Marriage Law for SiriusHermione. In order to protect her, he had to marry her.
Length: 25 chapters - COMPLETED

Serendipity によって Platinum Express
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Summary: Sirius and Hermione discuss baby names. Hopefully, her husband won't ever find out.
Length: Oneshot

ベッド of バラ によって mooneyNZ
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Summary: During a Death Eater attack Hermione is sent back in time where the Marauders and Lily befriend her. Haunted によって her past Hermione must learn to live in the other time.
Length: 57 chapters - COMPLETED