Sherlock woke the 次 morning, Olivia was lying asleep beside him. He got up and went downstairs, no sign of Oscar または Micheal. He took out his phone and dialed Joan's number.
'Morning Watson.' He heard Joesph in the background. 'He's up early.'
Why do あなた think i'm up?'
He laughed.
'I miss you.'
'I miss あなた too.'
He took a deep breathe.
'I have to tell あなた something.'
He looked out the キッチン to make sure Olivia wasn't up.
'I've figured out a way to get closer to Micheal.'
'But it involves me and Oscars sister.'
Joan went silent, she held the phone against her chest imagining him and her.
'Joan?' Nothing. 'Joan?'
'Sorry..I was..'
'I know but this is not the only plan i have, this is only phase one. I 愛 あなた もっと見る then anyone in this entire world Watson, I would never intentionally hurt あなた which is why i'm telling あなた this.'
'I know. I 愛 あなた too.'
He smiled.
'How's Joesph?'
'He's great, wishes あなた were here.'
'Put him on.' Joan picked him up and held the phone to his ear. 'Joesph?'
'Hey.Daddy just wanted to say that he loves あなた very much and i'll be ホーム soon, okay?'
'Okay, bye daddy.'
'Bye.'Joan placed him back down. 'Same goes to you.'
'I'll seen あなた soon.'
They hung up at the same time both thinking about the trials ahead for them, individually and together.
He was so in thought he didn't hear Olivia come down the stairs.

'Sherlock, あなた ok?'
'I'm fine, what about you?'
'Better.' He got her a glass of water. 'Thanks.'
He knew she would be awkward 与えられた last night, She'd never had an actual attraction to anyone before. He went up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.
'You sure?'
He could hear her smile with her words, he hated this but lying was the only way to secure the case. He buried his face in her hair, he felt so disgusted with himself.
'Sherlock? あなた sure your ok?
'I'm fine, just..'
She lent back on him so she could see his face.
'Needing a fix?' He nodded his head. 'Don't worry Micheal will be back in a few days.' She kissed his cheek.
He now knew how much time he'd have to wait, but how he would inform Gregson without Olivia around was going to be a challenge. Olivia noticed he was distracted によって something, probably about when he'll get his 次 fix, She turned in his arms and wrapped her around his neck, his automatically went round her waist. She moved her head towards his and her lips crashed against his.
'Don't あなた guys look like 'the perfect couple'?'
They pulled apart to see Oscar standing in the doorway.
'Oscar, let me explain.'
'Explain what? How あなた had your tongue down my sister's throat?'
Olivia stood in front of Sherlock.
'He didn't キッス me, I kissed him. I thought it would help take his mind of needing a fix.'
Oscar looked at Sherlock, taking a moment to understand the situation.
'So that's all it was?'
He looked at his sister, She was 芝居 differently but he didn't why.
'Alright, but if it happens again...'
'It won't.'
Oscar took one last look at the pair before heading upstairs. Olivia turned back to Sherlock.
'Sorry, I didn't mean for...'
' it's fine, we just have to be safer 次 time.'
'But あなた promised...'
'What I promise and what I say are subject to change.'
Olivia shook her head and smiled.
'You're amazing.'
She lent up and kissed him.
' I try to be.'

On the side of the city Joan, Gregson and ベル were working on a set up to capture Micheal. The negotiations had been a little one sided due to Joan's attachments within the case.
'Captain, if we go in there all 銃 blazing it gives Micheal opportunity to escape as one of his associates cover for him. If we wait for him and Sherlock to exit the premises...'
'What if he has a gun? He could shot Sherlock right there and then.'
'Not if we take precautions.'
Gregson looked at Bell, who shrugged his shoulders, he didn't want to intervene.
'Look Joan, I understand how hard this is for あなた but this is only hypothetical. When we start to co-ordinate the real plan, we will take every precaution to ensure Sherlock's safety but we have to look at other possibilities...'
'Like him dying?'
'Even that, it could end up being the outcome.'
Joan shook her head.
'No, no it won't because Sherlock knows what he's doing. I almost ロスト him once and it won't happen again.'
She picked up her ジャケット and walk out of the office, She needed time to cool off.

Sherlock was lying on the mattress, thinking of a way to contact the NYPD または Watson without Olivia または even her brother hearing. He was so ロスト in thought he didn't notice Olivia had crawled in beside him.

'You ok?'
He jumped slightly.
'You seem distracted.'
'No, i was just thinking.'
She rolled so she was now lying on his chest.
'What about?'
He lent up and gave her a soft peck on the lips. She smiled at him then kissed him back, soon after she began trailing kisses down his face to his neck. After a moment, Sherlock gently took her face in his hands and looked at her. She reminded him of Irene.
'What is it?'
He leaned in to キッス her but she moved just out of reach.
'You just..remind me of someone.'
'A women i use to know.'
She rolled off him.
'So, I'm a rebound who happens to look like your ex ?'
'What? No.' She stood up to leave. 'Olivia..' He reached out to grab her but she slapped his hand away.
'No, I'm sick of men using me for their fantasys.'
She ran downstairs. Sherlock lay there thinking about what he'd done, he never felt もっと見る disgusted によって his actions. He knew he shouldn't have mentioned Irene, he knew how she felt about men using her as a method of escape. He had to regain her trust, it was the only way to make it through.