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シャナイア・トゥエイン Do あなた think that the アイコン and the banner of this club must be replaced ?

34 fans picked:
Yes, both are just disaster
No, I like'em both
Definitely the アイコン
I think the banner is the problem
 PentHouseForum posted 1年以上前
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PentHouseForum picked Yes, both are just disaster:
Well, I don't wanna be rude or anything but the icon SUCKS as well as the banner. There's too many beautiful pictures of Shania that could make a perfect icon and banner, which really show the beauty of her personality and the love that her songs describe.
So what do you think?
posted 1年以上前.
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valleyer picked Yes, both are just disaster:
^Totally agreed.
posted 1年以上前.