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Shameless (US) Should there be a season where Fiona isn't in a relationship?

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 NightFrog posted 1年以上前
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DarkSarcasm picked Yes:
I miss Old Fiona. You know, 'Fiona Takes Care of Everyone' Fiona. 'Fiona Pleads with the Judge for Custody' Fiona. 'Fiona Does Whatever It Takes For Her Family to Survive' Fiona. How did THAT Fiona turn into 'Parties Hard, Marries Stranger and Abandons Family' Fiona?

Say what you will about Jimmy Steve, but at least he was part of the family. He fit in and understood that Fiona was the head of that household. Every other guy seems to pull her away from them. Drug overdose, pregnancy, juvenile detention - I'd say Fiona needs to focus on being a friggin' guardian for a change. She's all these kids have! Why/when did she decide to give up on them?
posted 1年以上前.