Shameless (US) Can I download Shameless from Netflix and save on my laptop for going abroad?

Jamy10 posted on Jan 24, 2017 at 11:42AM
Hello dear fellow shameless addicts :)
So I must admit that I almost forgot about this amazing series beacuse I had a really rough year with almost no series watching and just working and working and more working (internships are really exhausting :( ) So after I finally finished work and now going back to uni I startet last week with the 6th season. OMFG :D I really don't knwo how I could totally forget about this! It's just amazing! What do you guys think? I mean Carl got out of jail and now is the king on the streets and I also think Debbs has become a freaking good character on this series, not to metion she was just this little innocent child before. But I also think Fiona is a pain in the ..., I don't know she got so annoying!!! Like really becoming a mum character!! Ehh, what do you think about this? Who is your favorit character?? Mine absolutely Carl, I love this little brat :D
But to come back to the "real issue" :D I'm going to visit some relatives in Italy next month and wanted to know if there's a way to capture some older seasons and save on my laptop? I called my aunt but she said they don't have internet connection at home, only at work and in restaurant and cafes arround, but I don't want so sit in a restaurant and watch shameless :D hahaha they will surely throw me out! So netflix released some offline function like I heard but not for laptops? (At least I tried but it didn't worked :( )
Would be happy about any help! And don't forget to watch shameless!!!

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1年以上前 sweetpumpkin said…
heeeey :) you missed really much! Season 7 is already out! It is soooooo great, I think it's getting funnier and funnier, the characters are just becomming so great, but I don't want to spoiler :D But don't be so harsh on fiona, I think if you are watching more of Season 6 and start with Season 7 you will understand why she is acting like this. I really like her I think she is just trying to protect everyone and Keep her Family together :) :) And my favorite character is Svetlana :D hahah I really love this russian woman, it is just so funny how she handles everything in this russian way!
I'm not quite sure about your issue (and yes you shouldn't watch shameless in a Restaurant :D ) but my brother told me a while ago about some screen capturing software, maybe that is something for you? He is coming home in an hour so I will ask him about it and tell you more!
1年以上前 Jamy10 said…
finally someone answering :) thanks for that! I'm looking forward to finish season 6 and then start with season 7! And I try to be patient with fiona, but I just kinda not like her :D Hahaha I almost forgot about svetlana you are so right, hahahah she is so funny :D I wonder if all russians are like that, I've never met one in person. And thank you for asking your brother! Can you also ask if this is legal??
1年以上前 sweetpumpkin said…
sooo just talked with my brother, he explained everything to me. He said there is a good software for video recording called moviebox. It sounds really good, you can record everything what you stream on your computer, netflix, amazon YouTube ...and so on! he just showed it to me, it was really simple, you just have to do a few clicks, select the source your want to download and then the format you want it to save and then you let the video run and the program records it. They explained everything in detail on their website link
Hope this helps!
And please keep me uptaded how you liked season 7 :) I'm really excited about that! And yes, be a little more patient with poor fiona :D haha! Wish you a great trip to italy! I was in rome a few years ago and it was jsut beautiful! I loved it, the people, the attractions and the ice cream!!!! Don't forget to eat ice cream, I have never tasted so amazing ice cream in my whole life! Where does your aunt live?
1年以上前 Jamy10 said…
Thank you so much! (And your brother of course!!) I will definitely try this one out :)
I will keep you updated, it was really nice talking to you :) And I'm going to a small village near Naples, but we will also do a little trip and see other cities as well! I've never been to Italy before so I'm really looking forward for this trip (and now I'm all excited about the ice cream :D) Thank you again for you help :)