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posted by dao
"Hey Guys , want to come with me to a nightclub?" Horo 発言しました in a very excited tone.

"I will go , it was long time since I went to a nightclub." Yoh 発言しました smiling in excitement .

"I will too , Oni-Chan." Pirika 発言しました , jumping up and down.

"I'll go too." Ren 発言しました in an emotionless voice.

"M-Me t-too." Tamao 発言しました , looking at her feet.

"Don't be shy Tam." Horo 発言しました , putting an arm around her shoulders , which made Tamao blush.

"I w-will tr-try." She stuttered , still blushing at Horo's arm around her shoulders.

"'Kay , anyone else?" Horo said, looking at them .

"I'll go too." Hao said, standing up and going to his room.

"Anyone else?" Horo asked, looking at them once again.

"I'm Going as well , I'm not going to have a partner" Anna 発言しました , in her cold tone.

"Ooookaaay." Horo sweat dropped, "I'm picking Tamao as my partner" He 発言しました then winked at her, which made her blush.

"I'm picking Pirika." Ren 発言しました smirking at Horo's face.

"Heeeey, That just leave me and Hao" Yoh 発言しました , not seeing any girl around to pick.

"Yoh's right" Hao 発言しました walking downstairs, "But I have an idea" Hao 発言しました , smirking.

"What is it?" Yoh's Face lit up.

"Noooo , It's a surprise," Hao 発言しました winking at Yoh "When are we going anyway?"

"Tomorrow night , so your idea of yours must be good and quick" Horo 発言しました , rushing to his room .

"Don't worry Horo , It'll be fine" Hao muttered to himself. "What did あなた say?" Yoh asked , hearing Hao . "Nothing dear otouto , Nothing" Hao 発言しました smirking .

'You'll find soon'

"Hao , I hope you'll tell me that idea soon" Yoh 発言しました reminding Hao.

"Come here Otouto , I'll tell you" Hao winked at Yoh , which made a slight blush to appear on Yoh's face , that made Hao smirk .

Hao leaned to Yoh's ear and whispered something in his Ear , Which made Yoh blush like crazy .

"Hey , あなた two , What are あなた talking about?" Horo 発言しました , demanding for an answer at Yoh's Blush.

"None of your business , now if you'll excuse us .. Me and otouto have something to do." Hao 発言しました walking upstairs , dragging Yoh with him.

"H-hao , can I-I be something e-else?" Yoh stuttered as he blushed with embarrassment .

"No , otouto .. You'll be like what I said" Hao 発言しました smirking.



"Pretty , please"


"Please with A チェリー on top"

"Yoh ,That's Ridiculous"

"I Know, I just had the urge to say it" Yoh 発言しました shrugging .

"Now , Where's this dress?" Hao 発言しました , looking for a dress .

"Awww, Hao , come on .. あなた don't expect me to wear this , do you?" Yoh 発言しました , then laid on the bed.

"You'll wear that, I don't have a partner, and that way .. we both will have a partner."

"That's the stupidest reason I have heard in my life"

Hao rolled his eyes,"Now , be a good boy , and wear it"

"'kay , I'll wear it , but that doesn't mean I have a new respect for あなた または anything"

"Okay okay ,just wear it"

Yoh sighed and entered the bathroom.

"What're they doing upstairs?" Horo asked , impatiently .

"Be patient , we'll be going to the night club TOMORROW " Pirika 発言しました irritated already.

"okay , I'll wait" Horo 発言しました taping the floor with his foot.


"What was that?" Tamao asked as she heard the shouting.

"I Guess it was Yoh , as he was wearing a tight red dress" Anna 発言しました , calmly as nothing had happened.

"Mmmm…I wanna see what he'll look like?" Horo 発言しました with a smirk.



"Ow , What the hell Ren?"

"Nothing" He 発言しました , and grabbed a bottle of milk.

"It Looks great on you" Hao 発言しました amused によって what he's seeing.

"Great? GREAT? How the hell is this Great?"

"Hmm…I don't know" Hao shrugged and looked in the drawers for something,"Found it"

"Found what?" Yoh looked suspiciously at Hao.

"Ooh, あなた mean this, It's a hairclip" He 発言しました as he showed it to Yoh.

"What the…? , I'm not going to put it"

"You won't out it on your hair, But I'll if you'll be so stubborn."


"Did あなた hear that?" Pirika 発言しました looking left then right then left then right ….etc

"I Heard something like screaming" Ren 発言しました looking at his empty bottle.

"I Bet Hao is doing something to Yoh, and I'll go see now , Bye" Horo waved at them and ran upstairs.

"What are あなた two….doing?" Horo had fought the urge to laugh.

"What?" Yoh turned around to see , a giggling Horo, " See , I told あなた that would happen."

"I don't care" Hao 発言しました , then turned around to スマック Horo.

"Ow, what was that for?" Horo 発言しました , rubbing the spot on his head.

"For laughing at my Yoh-chan" Hao 発言しました calmly , while Yoh was blushing like crazy.

'since when I became his?'

"Since now!"

Yoh blushed even more,"W-what , I agreed to wear this stupid dress , b-but I didn't agree to be yours"

"Tsk Tsk , What the point of having a partner , if he/she will not be your lover." Hao 発言しました shooking his head.

"W-WHAT? YOU'RE GONNA DIE , AND NOW." Yoh shouted and chased after Hao.

Horo couldn't stop himself any further , he bursted in laugher as he looked at the two.

'I don't know if I can go to a club with a DRESS'