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Jeremy (Joshua Jackson), a British book editor, is an aspiring writer seeking a new lease on life. He is sent によって his employer to Tuscany to elicit a new book from dried-up (and cantankerous) exiled 作者 Weldon Parrish (Harvey Keitel). Jeremy is totally captivated によって Weldon's daughter Isabella (Claire Forlani).

Only later, after many difficulties, Jeremy approximates the actual Weldon who becomes his mentor. They spend a bunch of time によって walking around the country-side while exchanging the life experiences and thoughts. Together they socialize with the local people on various occasions and Jeremy befriends with a few of them. One festive night, he shares an intimate moment with Isabella.

At the end, mutual honesty of both men celebrates the success. Weldon finds an inspiration and once again is able to write. Jeremy is going to return but decides for a major change of his life based on his 愛 interest.