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posted by shadowquee
Racist people all over the world suck. They are rude, wrong, stupid, sickning, and cruel. I am a white person, and I 愛 people that are any race. People all over the world, this 記事 is for you! Here my voice, we can take them on together! Racist people are just shadows on the wall. They are probally jealous of others. They think they are so tough, well guess what, THEY AREN`T, THEY DON`T STAND A CHANCE! There are people all over the world that suffer from this action. I discovered it once. I have a white and black family! That is rare. Stupid racist people. I DISLIKE THEM ALL! Even my grandmother. She called my black mom the N word. She " claims she didn`t" but she did. All because my mom is freaking black. Hmmp, pathetic.