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posted by crystalstream
A thousand years ago, the Ancient Walkers, while examining the night sky, found several prophecies that told of ヒーローズ rising up above all oppression and bringing it down with all force, after its tyranny made its rule upon Mobius. Before departing to proclaim these foretelling, the Ancient Walkers found at least, one もっと見る prophecy written in the stars above. The stars showed a reflective shade of bright crimson, and the tidings were not well. This prophecy foretold of the coming of the Black Arms and their leader, Black Doom. After they had made their mark and place in the universe, the Son...
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posted by crystalstream
"Where exactly are we going?"Shadow hated it when nobody told him where he was going"Will あなた stop complaining あなた big kit?we'll be there soon,hey look at that!"Crystal purred with curiosity as she stalked over to a small pond"There's something in there Shadow-""Crystal get down!"Shadow jumped on her for cover
"Let go of my chest."(I'm gonna flippin' kill him)
"I'm not-oh sorry(Bad Shadow bad!)here let me help あなた up."Shadow held out his hand to help her up"We better get going your sister,Blaze,will be worried about you."
"What were あなた 'protecting' me from anyway?"
"I thought I saw a shadow wolf,I wanted to keep あなた safe."
"Really?"Crystal's face was blushing.
"Yeah,I am a warrior aren't I-"Shadow couldn't finish his sentence because Crystal kissed him.

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