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This SasuSaku ファンアート might contain 肖像画, ヘッドショット, クローズアップ, ポートレート, ヘッド ショット, and クローズ アップ.

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RING!RING!"Ughh"I moaned.Last 日 I'll be there.I took a cold shower,got dressed in a casual ピンク outfit ,and tied my hair with a ピンク ribbon.I got on my backpack and drove to school in my new bmw car.Turns out when i went to school,ALL the boys gathered to my car except for Sasuke.I pushed the guys away looking at the school because this was the last 日 I'll be here.Then i saw a poster,of SASUKE & KARIN?!I guess it was true.He cheated on me.I felt like crying but held on to it.As what i would always do,hang with my フレンズ ,but I walk passed them.I sat in the cafeteria alone.All around...
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Weeks later,the dance was here."Well,I guess I'll just get ready." I said.I took a warm shower.I wrapped a ピンク towel around me.I did my make-up.It was smoky bold eyes with long eyelashes.I put on a black dress with black high heels.I added a black ribbon.I wore simple black high heels.
To sasuke
"Well,I'm gonna get ready".he said. He took a cold shower,wrapped a blue towel with uchiha prints around him and put gel in his hair.He wore a black suit and a rose in his pocket."I'll give this to Sakura."he smiled.

To Prom
All the boys came first.
Sasuke,Neji,Naruto,Suigetsu,Sai,Shikamaru,and the others....
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Sasuke arrived at the park."I'll just wait for sakura." he thought."Hey!" I shouted.I sat 次 to him."So what are あなた up to?" I asked."Nothing"he replied."Did あなた hear about the dance"?I asked."Yeah.."he said."So what did あなた want to ask me?" i asked."Well..-scratching back- to the dance with me?" he asked nervously."Sure" i 発言しました happily.Out of nowhere,Karin came out."Sasuke,will あなた go to the dance with me?"she asked."No" he said.She stared at me and sasuke's hand.We were holding hands."Wow! I can't beleive it!He is actually holding hands with me!"I thought in my head.She...
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