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 Vanessa for あなた <3
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This S8rah 写真 might contain 肖像画, ヘッドショット, クローズアップ, ポートレート, ヘッド ショット, and クローズ アップ.

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 I 愛 あなた forever and always<33
I love you forever and always<33
Anna~No one will ever understand
my love for this Girl she has been there from the start
we have a friendship that is unbreakable she Will always
be my Blair thanks for being my BFF<33

Mira~My Wifey I could write all day about this girl
and still want to say no more I don't have a limit on how much
I love this girl our convos are crazy and special and ones
I will never forget You will always be the Dani to my El
thanks for being my Wifey<33

Jen~My HazzaBabe my twin when I first met
this girl I wouldn't believe we could be as close as we are now
she is a big...
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