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 Rob and Donovan
Rob and Donovan
ARVADA, Colo. – Donovan may seem like your average teen on paper, but he isn’t. At 18, he’s not only exceptional, he’s a survivor.

Just last year, Donovan was diagnosed with having Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is a cancer of the lymph tissue. He was immediately started on chemotherapy and the treatment took a major toll on him, rendering him “out of commission” for two weeks straight. However, even this did not slow down his life, and he graduated from high school while still enduring chemotherapy.

Donovan was 与えられた the chance to wish after being referred to international children’s...
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Rob Dyrdek was at the “Waiting for Lightning” premiere to support his best friend and fellow pro skateboarder Danny Way when he talked to StarCam about his appearance on "Punk'd," & how he came up with the idea for his 表示する "Ridiculousness."
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