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 until she saw something disgusting
until she saw something disgusting
Elsa was on YouTube watching Jelsa 動画 (These make her day) until she saw something that is totally disgusting for her. It was a video about PitchElsa! Elsa fell down her chair. "Elsa!" Anna screamed. "I'm okay" Elsa 発言しました as she gets back up. Then she showed Anna the thing that disgusts her out. "Ewwww!" Anna screamed, "I know, right?" Elsa said. "Hey, Pitch is evil and あなた are good, あなた guys are not meant to be. I don't know why people ship あなた guys" Anna 発言しました "You look better with Jack, your boyfriend of course." "Yes, Anna あなた are very right" Elsa 発言しました "I hate PitchElsa, it disgusts me the most" Elsa looked at the thumbnail of the video again but this time, she stamped her feet then the floor turned to ice "Oops!" Elsa was still very annoyed and stormed into her room. "My turn!" Anna 発言しました and she sat on the computer chair and started to do what she wants to do on it
 she stamped her feet and the floor turned to ice
she stamped her feet and the floor turned to ice
posted by Frozenswift
 The Super Six
The Super Six
Okay everyone, please enjoy the club! we, the super six all have powers and weapons to have against the evil Pitch Black. Oh! and please post something Jelsa! :) ~ クイーン Elsa

Hi everyone! We need likes here and my boyfriend, Kristoff, really needs his ice business lol ~ Princess Anna

So, we, before are still four not until my cousins joined.. Elsa and Anna! ~ Princess Rapunzel

So my girlfriend, Elsa and i both have the same powers and we were meant to be. We are still on a battle (The super six VS Pitch Black) :) ~ Jack Frost

So this is the club everyone is waiting for. Oh! Sorry, Elsa i didn't...
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The episode began with Flynn (Iron Man), Merida (Scarlet Witch), and Hiccup (Hulk) doing what they do best until they got teleported to a pocket dimensional rift. Also there were their soon to be fought counterparts Honey レモン (Power Princess), whose energy factor matched that of Merida's energy factor, Wreck-It Ralph (Hyperion), whose strength matched that of Hiccup's strength factor, and フレッド (Nighthawk), whose speed factor matched that of Flynn's speed factor. In charge of the event were Pitch (Grandmaster) and Yokai(Thanos). Welcome one and all to the first ever hero vs hero fight. said...
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Hiccup - Hi, I'm Hiccup. I live in Berk. I have a dragon named Toothless. I have a girlfriend named Astrid. I train dragons. I am a dragon whisperer

Rapunzel - Hi, I'm Rapunzel. I am the Princess of Corona. I have a sidekick named Pascal. I have a husband named Eugene. I have magic hair that glows when I sing and it also heals. I am the Healer

Merida - Hi, I'm Merida. I am the Princess of DunBroch. I have a horse named Angus. I don't have a boyfriend, I'm single. I 愛 archery. I am the メリダとおそろしの森 Archer

Jack Frost - Hi, I'm Jack. I am the Guardian of Fun. I have a sidekick named...
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posted by Frozenswift
質問 from Jack : What will あなた do if Hans または Pitch hugged you?

Answer: Kill them

質問 from Rapunzel : What will あなた do if someone beats Jack up?

Answer: Beat them back

質問 from Merida : How do あなた attack Pitch?

Answer: My powers and the act of love

質問 from Hiccup : What will あなた say to a Jelsa hater if she/he says bad things about Jelsa?

Answer: Just stop hating Jelsa and you'll be 安全, 安全です from me

質問 from Anna: When あなた were with Jack during Pitch broke his staff, what will あなた do?

Answer: Attack Pitch または Kill Pitch

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