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posted by kittykazami
1.    Don’t test our patients
2.    What we like to wear and what u want us to wear, is very different
3.    Our period comes at a schedule, so quit 芝居 like it’s the first we’ve bitched out at you
4.    Don’t point out our flaws when they’re obvious to everyone. We don’t need to be constantly reminded
5.    Don’t try to act cool when あなた hit on us, we can see through it
6.    “hey” is not a pick up line
7.    Just because we hug a lot does...
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Some of us are simply not fascinated によって the idea of online dating because we’ve heard stories of people failing to pull a great 表示する with online chat sites. In reality, online dating is much better than あなた think and succeeding with your dating is quite possible providing that あなた are following these tips.

Tip 1: Go Visual Over Carefully Written Words

The harshest truth about the real-world and the online one is how we perceive things at both places. For instance, a beautifully written line on a napkin that is passed on to a girl in a nightclub can create such a positive impact towards you...
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