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ランダム Which is worse?

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The sin of Ignorance
The sin of Ignorance
The Trap of Knowing too much
The Trap of Knowing too much
 BlondLionEzel posted 1年以上前
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The sin of Ignorance
PlayingWithFire picked The sin of Ignorance:
I think ignorance has caused more violence and horror in history than almost anything along with fear, prejudice, and arrogance. Ignorance has been responsible for The Crusades, The Salem Witch Trials (because mental illness and ergot poisoning wasn't known about yet, people still blamed things on witchcraft and demons), barbaric, painful methods of health care (such as blood-letting), the medieval Catholic Church's persecution of everyone who challenged what little was known at the time (big example: Galileo Galilei for challenging the geocentric theory that had been believed for centuries), etc.
posted 1年以上前.