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Your unusual ヘタリア family



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Hey, I know this quiz~. |3
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From our hetalia family spot~ -w-

Mother- England ( .....:D )
Father- Estonia ( Kay)
Brother-Italy (MUST HUG NOW -glomps Italy- :3 )
Sister- Sweden ( Sis?! xD)
Wife- Latvia (So I'm the husband? -w- Come on I'm nor that much of a Tomboy.. :/)
Husband- Liechtenstein (............My husband is adorable ^^ - )
Best Friend- Iceland ( Kay )
Pet-Ukraine (................Yeah a pet with bigger boobs than me >__>" )
Aunt- Prussia ( :D AWESOME )
Uncle- Korea ( :D )
Crazy Uncle in a Mental Hospital- Germany (=w=)
Fanboy-Iceland ( My BF is my fanboy? xD )
Fangirl- Hungary ( MAH YAOI FANGIRL )
Nephew- Denmark ( :3 )
Neice- Italy (WTF?! FUCK LOGIC xD )
Guy Who Lives Under Your Porch- Estonia ( Daddy....stop living under the porch )
Stalker-Denmark (My nephew is my stalker.......)
Evil Boss- Germany (I hate you uncle =w= )
Annoying Co-Worker-France ( Agreed )
Cousin-Norway (......)
Other Cousin-Sealand (......)
Homeless Person at the Gas Station -America (D: Poor America )
Scary Aunt- Russia (Aunt? xD )
Son- Belgium (.........)
Daughter- Liechtenstein (So my husband is also my daughter? Fuck logic )
Daughter's Annoying Best Friend Who Always Wants - Japan (I'll never know what he wants =W= )
Homeless man who eats all the food out of the iceb- Russia (Auntie come to my place D:)
Bunny- Cuba (..........)
Assassin- Estonia ( Daddy is so badass BD )
Guy who used to date your husband-Egypt (.......)
Famous guy who is very distantly related to you-Egypt (....)
Worst Enemy- Austria (.....)
Person you'd prefer to marry over who you did marr-France (HELL NO. D: )
Cheeseburger salesman-Greece ( :D I gotta make Greece a burger salesman xD)
Guy who keeps asking you to buy insurance-Latvia ( Shut up wife =w= )
Ruler of the World-Turkey (.........NO...>__>)
Crossdresser who stalks your mentally insane uncle-Switzerland ( ......:D I need to see him crossdressing xD)
Mattress salesman- Belgium (Son, I don't want any =w= )
Hairdresser- Seychelles (......)
Guy on the eHarmony adverts- Greece (......)
Person with Serial Killer Sunglasses- Turkey (.....)
Actual Serial Killer- Russia ( Auntie stop killing people =w= )
Maid- Greece ( HELL YEAH! >:D -puts neko ears on him- =^^= )
That Awesome Baseball Player- South Italy (He plays baseball? =w= )
Some Random Poor Farmer- Denmark (.....)
Rapper- Belgium (........)
Man who sits in the train station begging for money- England (Mommy why you doing that? =w= )
The person who sleeps on the roof and snores loudly- Italy (Bro quit sleeping on my roof D:< )
Guy who lives in the lion's cage at the zoo- Greece (Lions are kitties -w- Only bigger -w- )
Person who seriously drinks too much coffee- Italy (Chill bro :/ )
Smartest Person in the world EVER- Greece (TRUE. )
Guy who reeks of money- Germany (.....)
Emo Kid- Austria (lol xD)
Guy who sells eggs- Austria ( xD)
Great Aunt- Greece (-100 kitties appear- KITTIES! :D )
Great Aunt's Driveway- Lithuania (.....)
Nerd who ecstasieses about you -Poland (....)
Person who randomly shouts YOU LIE during speeches-America (Somehow I can picture him doing that xD)
World's Sassiest Dancer- Greece (Damn right )
Little kid who believes in monsters-England (Mommy isn't a kid =w= )
Ballerina -Canada (EPIC )
Crazy guy who tries to kidnap children-Prussia (Oh Prussia you pedo -w- )
Crazy Cat Lady-China (I can see that -looks at 1000 hello kitties- )
Teacher who spits when they talk -Turkey (.......)
Stalker on News 10 with a creepy accent- Iceland (....)
Sparkly vampire-Egypt (-Sparkle sparkle-)
Diner cook who makes good hashbrowns- Poland (Like totally )
starving artist- France (......)
neighbour who won Deal or no Deal- Korea (Uncle I want some of that money)
mental person who thinks a mannequin is their daug -Germany (Oh Uncle Germany you need help )
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....japan was my pet, a serial killer, and a crossdresser who stalks my uncle....
posted 1年以上前.
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tdafan121 said:

Too much!!!
I put in my Hetalia OC's (Andorra) name and age instead of my own
According to this, Prussia is a cat lady, my OC's brothers are her son and daughter, and by luck of the draw her aunt and uncle were England and America (that makes me happy ^.^)
posted 1年以上前.