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National Floor Safety Institute



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It is true that slips and falls occur that often. There were an and shower-related injuries among children <or=18 years of age who were treated in US emergency departments , with an average of 43 600 cases per year BUT
National Floor Safety Institute has no valid credentials other than the ones that they have made up for themselves. The "Secretary" Russell J. Kendzior, is a non-credited person who has made himself up to be an expert.
He gives validation to companies and products they pay him to do so.
Russell J. Kendzior, Secretary sits on the board of the BOT machine that tests co-efficient of friction, however that machine is not recognized by the insurance industry.
Membership to his company is $5,000 per year.
One of the Board members is from NU-Safe-a product that is acid etching, in other words it creates "treads" which is another way of saying it eats into the surface, causing pitting. Nu-Safe is not a product recognized or recommended by any of the major insurance brokers to solve slip and fall problems.
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r-pattz said:
^ What. The. Fuck.
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