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posted by thetankmoment
 Cutie the Fennec 狐, フォックス
Cutie the Fennec Fox
I had a weird dream one of these nights. It was epic, too. So epic I had to make an 記事 of it. Mark my words: IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN. Anyway. So I was Dixie from 狐, フォックス and the hound 2. G3 pinkie pie was there. She was transformed from G4 pinkie. She was telling us to complete these trials, because Cutie, my stuffed Fennec fox, told us the world was ending. First were these crabs. Blue one=easy, オレンジ ones=medium, and Black ones=hard. Either I had to defeat 3 オレンジ ones, または my friend had to defeat 5 blue ones. My friend defeated 5 blue ones. It went on like that, until we saved the world! YAY!
 This pic of the dream
This pic of the dream
posted by nmdis
"Lo Que Soy"

Desde muy niña siempre actue
Con timidez
Con el miedo de decir
Todo de una vez

Tengo un sueño en mi
Que brillando esta
Lo dejare salir
Por fin tu sabras

Lo que soy, es real
Soy exactamente la que debo ser hoy
Deja que la luz, brille en mi
Ahora si, se quien soy
No 干し草, 乾草 manera de ocultar
Lo que siempre he querido ser
Lo que soy

Sabes lo que es estar
En esta oscuridad
Con un sueño de alcanzar
Ser estrella y brillar
Si parece estar
Tan lejos hoy de aqui
Tengo que creer
En mi
Solo asi sabre

Lo que soy, es real
Soy exactamente la que debo ser hoy
Deja que...
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posted by ppgFireball
At 虹 Smash's place...

Armoni: -kicks ball into the net- ONE'S IN!!!

Starbright: aw s**t! Jimmy, can あなた help us over here.

Jimmy: i hate soccer.

Starbright: あなた hate everything.

Jimmy: true.

Rainbow Smash: ready to give up?

Starbright: shut up! that's why you're named after a pony! and you're boy! あなた sissy!

Rainbow Smash: oh....it's...on! -kicks ball to Flame-

Rose: あなた can do it big brother!!!! don't let him taunt you! you're awesome! that's why he's named after a pony!

Old Man: -comes out of his house- the hell is with あなた kids?! can't a man take a nap?! ya yipper yappers. -goes back into his...
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100 Rooms

She never knew she had an uncle until her parents died. It’s strange how- sometimes in life when あなた lose important people in your life あなた gain some more.
Her mother and father died in a house fire. No one knew how it started except the one daughter who managed to survive.
But she was in no state to tell. She suffered mild burns but her mind suffered worst of all. She never spoke again.
She was kept in hospital for six months but eventually she was packed off to her uncle Scipio. She was thirteen years old and many 発言しました it was a crime sending a child off to such an evil man...
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posted by flippy_fan210
-when あなた ask someone for something and they try to annoy あなた because they have it and あなた don't

-school, you're there for 7 hours a day, they give あなた work あなた have to do at ホーム and あなた have almost no freedom

-JB, 1D, big time rush

-when your フレンズ call saying they'll come over and never 表示する up

-you like something your friend doesn't like so they HAVE to complain and say it sucks

-getting no freedom at your own ホーム and being controlled によって your parents

-crab cake

-girly things

-uptight people who can't stand jokes and practically spit in your face if あなた make one "dirty" または "wrong" joke

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あなた can read it in the papers
In some places it comes in thirty-two flavors
But あなた wouldn't tell no one
Your お気に入り if あなた could

From the White House to the alleys
From the President down to Long Tall Sally
Can't live with it but
You'll die without it, yes あなた would

Senorita’s in the kitchen
She's a fistful of dynamite
You call 911 but you
Can't stop the fun tonight, it's alright

You can't start a 火災, 火 without a spark
But there's something that I guarantee
You can't hide when infection starts
Because 愛 is a social disease
Love is a social disease, uh-huh

Where あなた look あなた can find it
Try to run but...
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1.We are men we like sex.......it is like a constant dog barking at the gate, we leash this dog in a relationship and give あなた the key.....if あなた dont feed, water, and give the dog a ホーム he might break out....with this basic knowledge あなた can begin understanding men
2.Those cooments that あなた gossip and say we are soo cruel and misunderstanding.......we have a very weird sensor most things あなた are offended によって we think we are complimenting you....
3.We dont mind going shopping with you, but there are rules.
A.dont drag us around like イヌ holding your bags and not give us a reward.....atleast contemplate...
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posted by RayRaycutie
こんにちは guys its yo girl RayRaycutie!!!!!!! :P n im sick...
thats rite

the famous crazy 尻, お尻 girl iz sick


here's the story!!!

my cuzin/friend Jatlin (luv lots) was talkn at lunch

rite in front of the monitor

and she wrote him up

and called him stupid


and i was laughng so hard

i choked

and threw up

and cried

yeah i did

and word got around fast

im never going to here the end of it

but still


i feel lik its a hangover!!!!


i want food

but i cnt get up

no energy 2 walk

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posted by Aqua_Rose
“Only once in your life, I truly believe, あなた find someone who can completely turn your world around. あなた tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything あなた say and actually want to hear more. あなた share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful happens, あなた can’t wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in your excitement. They are not embarrassed to cry with あなた when あなた are hurting または laugh with あなた when あなた make...
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The third story of beyong me

Blood stained the white シャツ I was wearing. "Oh great" I 発言しました sarcastically. Jonathan laughed "It's okay just throw it away when あなた change" he 発言しました with a smirk-like grin. I gave him a confused look. "It's my shirt" he said. Mason wondered off into a huge cave. I grabbed Jonathan's hand and ran to catch up to Mason. "How did we get here" I asked remembering I only fell asleep. "Well considering whatyou are あなた ラム, ラム酒 off to places when あなた sleep and あなた summon people according to what problem your in" Mason explained. I looked at Jonathan my face making it look like...
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posted by Face_of_Music

This is a ランダム book I was 書く about Al Queda attacking America, and I got the idea from my friend, who had a nightmare, and 発言しました I could write a book または something. This is the first chapter, so I'd 愛 it if あなた could post your thoughts about it, anything I could change, things あなた liked, things that didn't make...
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posted by tari-tari
I dont feel like going on long rants so yeah

First off, I would like to point out that no one owns this club. So あなた can't go off 芝居 like it. Sure there's a creator but he/she doesn't own it. あなた should all know who he is によって now.

Why is this always misuse? Seriously. We have a ウォール and polls. Use it. It's stuff like this is what rapes most users updates. Who cares if it's a stupid question. あなた can always use sarcasm. あなた have no real rights to レポート the user. If they're spamming thats when あなた can tell them off. あなた should know what to post and what's not. あなた can't always post anything...
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posted by Paice2Pacegurl
MEOW, CALIFORNIA! See? There's something deeply liberating in yelling out something random, and it makes あなた think 'Hey, I don't care what あなた think about me!' Go on, try it now, say something random! There we go.

The word 'random' should not be confused with weird, または stupid. They are three very different things, and if あなた don't believe me, look it up in an English Dictionary.

Obviously, some people are もっと見る reserved than others, and will simply not go yelling out ランダム things, but what I am trying to really say is, is to just feel free to be yourself! It's your life, so live it!
posted by akatsuki_lover9
1.awake and alive によって skillet
2.one 日 too late によって skillet
3.it's not me it's あなた によって skillet
4.don't wake me によって skillet
5.hero によって skillet
6.monster によって skillet
7.animal i have become によって three days grace
8.inside the 火災, 火 によって disturbed
9.down with the sickness によって disturbed
10.fight back によって raptile
11.neva eva によって raptile
12.boogie woogie woo によって icp
13.homies によって icp
14.hokus pokus によって icp
15.last resort によって papa roach
16.bleed it out によって linkin park
17. crawling によって linkin park
18.breaking the habit によって linkin park
19.new divide によって likin park
20.falling in the black によって skillet
21.numb によって linkin park
22.should've when you...
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posted by chillyneon
So alot of people I know have gotten superglue on them (including me) so I'm going to make this 記事 for your help.

Super Glue on clothes = Throw away the clothes. The super glue burns it. Don't try to wash.

Super Glue on skin = Put skin in alcohol for about 1 min. Then, gently peel off glue.

Super Glue in eye = Wash out eye with warm water, then wait a little bit. If still irritated, go to the doctors.

Super Glue in ear = I don't know about this one................just go to the doctor.

So the thing is, when handling Super Glue, wear gloves または something to cover up your skin. Also, wear goggles to keep あなた eyes safe.
posted by Draculaura10

This is hysterical. あなた have to try this. It is absolutely true. I guess there
are some things that the brain cannot handle.


You have to try this please, it takes 2 seconds. I could not believe this!!!

It is from an orthopedic surgeon................This will boggle your mind

and it will keep あなた trying over and over again to see if あなた can outsmart
your foot, but, あなた can't. It's pre-programmed in your brain!

1). Without anyone watching あなた (they will think あなた are GOOFY....) and
while sitting at your 机, デスク in front...
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posted by hetaliaitaly
Hes only 14 and he drinks beer

Hes older then his brother によって six years

Hes not even old enough to deside

Yet his father always drink infront of the kids

At school he gets teased

For being Dizzy and Drunk

He comes to school with a packet of smokes

Lungs filled with ash

Hes only 14 hes just to young

His 7 年 old brother began when he was 1

Its not there fault it was there dad

Kids get habbits from the ones they look up to

Death inside one single smoke

Just watching then drink while he sat and smoke

Kids can't make that choice

But they do it because of someone's voice

So do whats right for a soul

No one should act older then they have grown

there still just little compared to there dad

So stop this now before there dead
posted by VoicesInMyHead
My name is Chris
I am three
I cannot see,
I must be stupid
I must be bad,
What else could have made
My daddy so mad?
I wish I were better
I wish I weren't ugly,
Then maybe my mommy
Would still want to hug me.
I cant do a wrong
I cant speak at all
Or else im locked up
All 日 long.
When im awake im all alone
The house is dark
My folks arent ホーム
When my mommy does come ホーム
I'll try and be nice,
So maybe ill just get
One whipping tonight.
I just heard a car
My daddy is back
From Chariles bar.
I hear him curse
My name is called
I press myself
Against the ウォール
I try to hide
From his evil eyes...
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posted by JustinDrew_B
Can I Get That Real
Can I Get That Official
Can I Get That Certified
Can I Get That Please
Can We Get This Fake To Delete, Delete, Delete?
Can We Get This Fake To Come Clean Clean Clean?
Ray? I Was Like Yo Ray?
Why Do These Fakes Try To Play These Girls This Way?
Okay Let's Get It Now.
あなた Messin' With Some Bad Bishes.
Ray's With His Fans.
We Don't Say Hi, We Say
Mofoing Right, Yeah.
( )
if this bish try to go hard im gona break her she hatin cuz i got all these boys that would never want to 日付 her . and u can try to get serious while we remain the dictator us + fakes + - many haters
Excuse Me, I'm Sorry. I'm Really Such A Lady.
I Rep Team Mindless, あなた Know MB, Baby
And We Be Reppin That, Til' The 日 That We Die.
While あなた Sit There Bein Fake, Tryna Act All Sly.
Yellin, Why あなた Gotta Be Soo Fake? Can あなた Hear Me?
Please 削除 This Page! I Know あなた Hear Me.
Rest In Peace, To This Fake Ash Page.
Yes, My Dear. This Is So Explosive.
posted by hetaliaitaly
Although the reasons why people commit suicide are multifaceted and complex, life circumstances that may immediately precede someone committing suicide include the time period of at least a week after discharge from a psychiatric hospital または a sudden change in how the person appears to feel (for example, much worse または much better). Examples of possible triggers (precipitants) for suicide are real または imagined losses, like the breakup of a romantic relationship, moving, loss (especially if によって suicide) of a friend, loss of freedom, または loss of other privileges.

Firearms are によって far the most common...
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