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Jeez, so many lists about girls telling guys what they should do when imposing them and such... It's time to extinguish those high standards, with some cold, hard, facts about us. Fighting 火災, 火 with fire. *puts on sunglasses* Oh yeah.

So girls, here's a 一覧 about boys, によって a boy.

Guys look, but don't flirt!
1. We look at other girls often, as ashamed as some of us might be about it. We're just naturally distracted. It, however, doesn't mean we're flirting with them straight away. Here's a 質問 I'd like to ask all girls in a relationship. What are あなた expecting your boyfriend to do, cheat on you? Break up with you, just so he could start a thing with that girl he just so happened to notice? That only says something about your own insecurity, and あなた should really learn to assume a stronger posture. No offense to anyone without a boyfriend, または just doesn't care much.

"Getting your way is easy, but only when we think you're nagging."
2. We have two rules when it comes wo arguing with a girl. Rule #1: The girl always wins. Rule #2 (less important side rule): when the guy happens to be right, rule #1 comes into play. Therefore, it is easy for most of us to just say "OK, hunn, you're right.". Kinda makes it a waste of time to argue with us in the first place.

Gives guys a break every once in a while
3. We 愛 to spend time with you, but when we need a time off, give us that time off, and don't call us for a while. Chances are that after a few tries we just stop answering, and it only cost あなた phone credit. (if あなた have a phone subscription, lucky you! ;) ) When we've stopped feeling so down, we will visit あなた again. Guys can't stay away from their girlfriends too long.

"That guy is touching you?? I'll have his balls!"
4. Guys are protective and vigilant によって nature. It's just the way we are, I think. If we see anyone eyeballing 'our' (I use that word loosely here) girl, we'll tare him apart. Think of us as dogs. If あなた are away from us, we'll miss you, and if we see anyone touching you, we relentlessly attack him.

Contrary to 人気 believes, guys do cry. Just alone
5.Guys can be sad too!:'( I hear so many girls bringing guys into a bad daylight. "Guys are so insensitive, guys are so unfeeling". So ignorant. If anyone is unsensitive, it should be people who say stuff like that, without even getting to know the guy. Lots of guys are adept at holding back their tears (me, for example), and when we're alone, we'll throw it out all at once. Although fairly quietly. For example, when we're in company of others, and we say something like: "excuse me, I'll be right back..." and we step out of the room, let us. Please. There's a pretty real chance we're going to cry. We need to cry every now and then, and when we return in a few minutes, we often will share what's on our mind. And if we don't, it's just too hard to tell.

Same interests? Who needs 'em?
6. Most guys are not not as picky as girls, when it comes to 愛 and that sort of thing. Having the same interests is often a side manner, when it is really gorgeous eyes and a nice sense of humour that makes most guys 'melt'.

Guys are not as talkative with フレンズ when there is a girl with them
7. Often our convorsations consists of dirty little sextalks. That's right, sex interests us a lot. And we know most girls feel uneasy because of it. So we know how to keep quiet about it. So when あなた think it gets too quiet, it's because we have nothing to talk about, if あなた get my meaning... Think of it as a sign of respect. When there's a girl in the room, adult filter is turned 'ON'.

Playing sports is a pro
8. We 愛 it when a girls practices a sport. It gives us something fun to do with our girlfriend, and an hourglass figure is an enjoyable side bonus to lots of guys. Not that our whole world revolves around your body though.

Girls who like classic rock are hot
9. And によって the looks of it, most who read this 一覧 shouldn't worry about this. Few things impose guys もっと見る than a girl who has AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, または Deep Purple in their iTunes playlist. Playing a musical instrument is a pro, too.

"Ask us out for a change!"
10. I know, it's a prescribed rule that guys should be the ones to ask their girlfriend out for a date, but why does it always have to be us? 登録する us in a rebel against society! Ask us out every once in a while too.

But please, don't make us go to a girly movie または anything. ;-)
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This is one of the 5 動画 that are 上, ページのトップへ rated によって people on youtube.
There are many reasons as to why cliques, stereotypes, and conformity are burdens in the socialite world. We, as humans, thrive on social interaction. So how come we create guidelines that prevent us from meeting new people?

Let's focus on the years that I consider to be a nesting post for the social monsters; the glorious teenage years. I've noticed that, before class in the morning, my grade hangs around the lower commons in the same, separated groups. The sophomores are usually over によって the front office and the juniors and seniors are scattered about.

I prefer to hang out with my upperclassmen...
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1. Dick Trickle

A NASCAR driver that sounds like he has symptoms of prostate problems. Yeah, this one definitely deserves the 上, ページのトップへ spot on the list.

2. Rusty Kuntz
If he were a girl, it would possibly be number one on the list; nobody would want to mess with her.

3. Grant Balfour
Grant means “to give” and ball four represents a walk in baseball. Not exactly the best name for this Oakland A’s pitcher.

4. Pete LaCock
The capitalization of this name just makes it even worse. He gets the double whammy on the first and last name

5. Guy Whimper
He is a 6’5’’, 300lbs. offensive tackle for the Jacksonville...
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Peeta and I had just won the Hunger Games. A televised fight to the death. My sister, Prim, had been picked to be in the Games, so I took her place. Now I was at ホーム with her and my mother. Peeta was living in a house near me. We had pretended to be in 愛 for the Games so we would both win. I don’t really 愛 him, but I think that he really does 愛 me. Well, now everything is normal. Prim, my mother, Peeta, and I are fine. Everything is different, though. I had been so used to living in the Seam, that all of these luxuries from winning the Games seem abnormal and unusual to...
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Kat: あなた spin my head right 'round, right 'round-
*Zim comes in*
Kat: Uhh, Zap and I aren't humans, and あなた know us-
Zim: Shut up, girl!
*Mermaidman comes in*
Mermaidman: EEEVIL!
*Bloo from Foster's walks in*
All: ◎_◎
Kat: WHAT!?
Doof: Leave now everyone! Kat, あなた stay since あなた live here.
*everyone leaves*
Doof: I'm going back to bed.
Kat: Me too.
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There is a topless 写真 of Sel going around, but it’s FAKE!O_O

Sources connected to Gomez told website TMZ that Selena and company ‘are furious that her reputation is being sullied によって some perverts with Photoshop.’

"The alleged 写真 of Selena Gomez is absolutely not her. Selena’s family is pursuing all available remedies to deal with the offender.” 発言しました her reps.

Now they are going to go after the people responsible.

Awful, isn’t it, some of the weird things people do on the Internet!?

source: TMZ

-Well these stuff don't happen only to famous people,But they also happen to normal fellows and This results in big problems which have no limits!
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wow! I seriously didn't know that!
especially the Coca-Cola one and the coakroach >.<
wow I'll have nightmares!

Eating breakfast cereals like "Fruity Pebbles" and "Cap'n Crunch 'Oops All Berries" will cause your stools to be green.

Your feet are bigger in the afternoon than the rest of the day.

Pigeons are the result of crossbreeding between a seagull and a dove.

About 20% of all adults in the US have had a cockroach that called their inner ear canal HOME.
(FACT! They enter while あなた sleep!) (I did not want to know this!)

The REAL reason ostriches stick their head in the...
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The white man said, "Colored people are not allowed here." The black man turned around and stood up. He then said: "Listen sir...when I was born I was BLACK, When I grew up I was BLACK, When I'm sick I'm BLACK, When I go in the sun I'm BLACK, When I'm cold I'm BLACK, When I die I'll be BLACK. But あなた sir, When you're born you're PINK, When あなた grow up you're WHITE, When you're sick, you're GREEN, When あなた go in the sun あなた turn RED, When you're cold あなた turn BLUE, And when あなた die あなた turn PURPLE. And あなた have the nerve to call me colored?" The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away...
In case y'all haven't noticed I've kind of had some serious wanderlust lately. Like at this point there are so many beautiful places I'd be down to go anywhere that isn't where I've been living my whole life lol. At any rate here are 5 もっと見る breathtaking places.

1. Maldives

Honestly this one is actually probably in my 上, ページのトップへ 5, I actually didn't discover it until after typing my first article. The Maldives are tied for first on my 'to visit list'.

For one thing the Maldives is ホーム to a bioluminescent ビーチ (a ビーチ that has glowing water) and I have always wanted to visit one of those. They are...
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上, ページのトップへ selling albums in 1980s
The 上, ページのトップへ selling album in the 80s was Dire Straits Brothers In Arms followed によって Michael Jackson Bad, and then Thriller, 4th best selling album クイーン Greatest Hits
The number one selling album for the 年 1980 was Abba Super Trouper, 1981 Adam & The Ants Kings Of The Wild Frontier, 1982 Barbra Streisand 愛 Songs, 1983 Michael Jackson Thriller, 1984 Lionel Richie Can't Slow Down, 1985 Dire Straits Brothers In Arms, 1986 マドンナ True Blue, 1987 Michael Jackson Bad, 1988 Kylie Minogue Kylie, 1989 Jason Donovan Ten Good Reasons.

What did he mean "bye bye miss american...
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Before Marriage

Boy - at last i cant hardly wait
Girl - do あなた want me to leave?
Boy - NO!!! dont even think about it
Girl - do あなた 愛 me???
Boy - of course!!! always have and always will
Girl - have あなた ever cheated on me
Boy - no why are あなた even asking?
Girl - will あなた キッス me?
Boy - every chance i get
Girl - will あなた hit me?
Boy - Hell No!!! are あなた crazy?!
Girl - Can i trust you?
Boy - Yes
Girl - Darling

After marriage.....read from the bottom back to the top


This is this cat.
This is is cat.
This is how cat.
This is to cat.
This is keep cat.
This is an cat.
This is idiot...
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So I am 書く what I see people generally do when あなた stay the night with a friend. Sorry besties, but most of あなた do this. This also applies to siblings.

1. Play your 音楽 even if they don't like it.
2. Ignore them によって 読書 manga, texting, または stay on the computer
3. sing silly songs that make them mad then act surprised when they yell
4. leave the room every 10 minutes.
5. Don't answer their questions
6. take embarrassing pictures of them as they sleep
7. Act like a psychopath for fun and make them scream then laugh.
8. Be random
9. Laugh at weird times.
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